Sunday, November 29, 2009

305 - On To The Next

Part 1 - Premiered Nov. 28th 2009.

Vincent, Ivy, and Rana are on their way home when Rana just isn't feeling the same with Vincent she keeps pushing him away and Ivy jokes around. Vincent, whose fed up says "Thats why i cheated on your, with a prettier girl"...joking or not Rana is pissed and leave it at a "whatever."

The next week, Rana goes to Vincents swim meet at the YMCA. Vincent wants a kiss and a hug for coming in first place but Rana reminds him they're broken up. Vincent will not accept that fact and when he asks Rana why shes acting the way she is..hes clueless to the fact that he said what he said last week and she mentioned to him shes not in the mood.

Over at school Danae is busy editing her first independent film project, her friend Kelly is sitting by helping and watching. Danae tells her again about how a man from Law & Order gave her his card while watching her film outside the school. With school, work, and making her first film, Danae is seeming to have it all figured out.

Later, Blessing, Rana, and some friends Aaron, Dontries, Janelle, and Doriann are hanging out trying to catch up. Aaron reveals that he no longer wants to do the show, he doesn't want to speak on camera or anything and his awkwardness bothers the group. So as he reveals his departure Blessing walks away with Rana and Dontreis following. Blessing asks why Aarons acting so shady and Rana doesn't really ave a response but the fact that hes a new person hanging with new people. While at the bus stop Dontreis, who obviously is sttracted to Rana, is flirting and messing around with her, and Rana doesnt seem to mind much...Blessing notices and asks whats up with the two of them. Dontreis pretends they already have something going on and Blessing reassures him she has a man, but Rana doesn't seem to be minding the attention or being around another boy than Vincent. A questioning Blessing stares onto them as they joke around.

Part 2 - Premieres Nov. 29th 2009.
Vincent, who saw the footage of Dontreis and Rana flirting, is fed up and goes to meet Rana at her house. He tries to talk her out of being friends with Dontreis who obviously likes her, alot, but she wont listen. He tells her to call him outside so he can confront him but she doesn't. Dontreis eventually comes outside and gives Rana a big hug and says whatsup to Vincent whos just not feeling the love. Vincent calls hm back over and gives him a warning, Dontreis doesn't take the warning too kindly and the two go back and forth then end the conversation when Rana comes back outside. Dontreis says he has to be somewhere and Rana is unhappy with the entire situation. Will Rana and Dontreis remain friends, will Vincent and her ever be back on good terms?

Songs From The Show :
Iyaz - Replay
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Amerie - Gotta Work
Lovers Electric - Is It Over?
Rihanna - Cold Case Love
One Republic - Lullaby
Rihanna - Stupid In Love

*This episode marked the unplanned Season 3 finale and shows hiatus for 6 months due to of off screen complications. Primarily Rana and Vincent's breakup, school, a computer crash and software loss, also with everybody's schedules being out of order nobody found the time to record until Spring 2010. Season 4 continues the story lines and more unfinished topics in the short 3rd season.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

304 - Keep Your Distance

Premiered - Oct. 24th, 2009.

Sandy and Vincent are in school, talking about a couple they see whose always arguing. Sandy asks for an update on them and Vincent says that they argue every time they see each other. She points out that its always the guys fault.

Rana goes to meet up with Ivy & Phylicia to talk about whats been up. Rana tell Phylicia about the break up and shes stunned. Then Phylicia gives her some insight on her life, and her issues with Kali. Phylicia has a hunch that Kali is taking Ivy away from her, purposely, and Ivy tells her that its not as serious as shes making it out to be.

The next day, Rana and Vincent start off by meeting each other and automatically getting into an argument and Vincent decides to leave, afterward Phylicia vents about her run in with Kali the other day & Ivy whos getting upset with the entire situation ends that conversation, moving onto the fact that Blessing is now deciding to hang around. When Ivy & Phylicia leave theres some obvious tension between Blessing and Phylicia, which is unknown. And Blessing and Rana catch up before Blessing leaves.

Later on Kali comes to Ivy's house to confront her about Phylicia and the issue they have for no reason at all. Ivy tells her whats shes told Phylicia and that its stupid but even Kali whos confused about the situation is putting up a guard saying that Phylicia needs to keep her distance before there becomes a problem.

Songs From The Show :
Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say
Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend
Timbaland & Drake - Say Something
Chris Brown - Froze

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

303 - Out With The Old

Premiered - Oct. 13th, 2009.

Alot has changed since summer. Ania and Danae put their differences aside and are now friends. Although Ania decided to leave the show, shes not the only one though, Blessing has decided to leave the show too and early last season Aaron decided to distance himself. Now summers over and everything going well. But Jenny and her new boyfriend Joey aren't at their best and Rana and Vincent have seem to hit rock bottom.

Rana meets up with Phylicia on the night before school and they talk about how they miss Kori since shes moved, and how Blessings changed. Aside from that Rana mentions that Vincent is coming to visit tomorrow and Ranna knows there's going to be an argument. Phylicia tells her to call her just in case and shell bring her matches.

The next day, without a doubt Rana and Vincent get into an argument. And its simply over Rana not giving Vincent a hug when he greets her. After alot of yelling Rana walks away stating "Im Done" which leaves Vincent to stand there, alone, in tears.

That night Jenny and Joey are at Great Wall, a Chinese restaurant before getting their food Jenny says a racist joke about the Chinese woman in the store. Joey isn't too happy after-wards and when Jenny is wondering why shes being ignored and treated rudely shes tells him it was a joke but Joey just isn't in the mood for games.

The next day, at school Vincent catches up with Sandy and they talk about school, Sandy's surgery over the summer, and the argument that Rana and him had, he seems to be taking it lightly and not realizing whats happened. Sandy leaves and jokes that hes used to being by himself.

Later, Rana, Ivy, and new friend Kali are talking about the argument last week. Rana states that it is over, but Kali and Ivy KNOW its not over. Ivy reassures Rana there's so much more out there and there's a lot of "buses" to catch and things to do. Rana seems to listen but at the end of the day Rana will do as she pleases. The three come in for a group hug and walk to the bus.

Songs From The Show :
One Republic - All The Right Moves
Vedera - Satisfy
Robyn - Handle Me
One Republic - All I Need (Say)
Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

NOTE: Blessing is returning to the suburbs as of episode 302.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Season 3 continued..this October!

With the premier/continuation being a month away, id like to inform you viewers/readers of the blog!!

Ok, A lot has changed in The Suburbs. We shifted the focus of the show significantly from a relationship drama to the group as a wholes drama. Covering things that we didn't cover before. The show feels much more like a reality instead of a sitcom. Our whole shooting style changed. You’ll see much more action and less people sitting and talking, there are alot more fireworks than before.

301 & 302 were the bonus "summer episodes" to season 2 aka 217 & 218..but were later changed to 301 & 302 for production value.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

216 - Dont Look Back

Part 1
Premiered - May. 30th, 2009.

*A season review to bring everybody up to date is shown.

Out shopping, Ivy and Rana talk about the latest. Vincent is coming back next week and Rana's beyond happy. She tells Ivy that hes came clean of everything that was wrong. She forgave him of course but among one of the many things Vincent confessed to, Ivy was upset that he didn't have his license like she thought. And the situation with the infamous girl (that Ania, Sherri, and others saw him with) he did talk to but it wasn't anything serious. Rana wants to move on and forget the past, shes ready to start a new slate with him.

Over at school, Ania and Gloria, a friend, are sitting back in the talking about how fast the year went by. Then Danae interrupts them because she has to get something off her chest with Ania. When Gloria leaves Danae asks why Ania didn't come to her birthday get together (which shes made a big deal of for some months now). Ania simply said that she went to her boyfriends first baseball game. Danae obviously upset didn't like that she did that. And aside from that, Ania tells Danae that shes not feeling the same, as if they're distancing apart, and she cant find anything in common between them lately. Danae, is again, shocked that Ania is saying this, and just before things get any weirder Ania begins to leave as Danae sings "hes phony, shes fake". DRAMAA

Part 2
Premiered - May. 31st, 2009.

Blessing and Rana havent been talking for a couple of weeks, over nonsense. The two truthfully and honestly randomly meet up at target and the drama begins. Blessing's aunt Sophia notices Rana and calls her over. Blesing goes to sit down while Rana catches up with Sophia. Annoyed at Blessings silence, and rudeness, Rana leaves. Sophia forces Blessing to go find her and talk to her, so she does. When the two start to talk Rana thinks Blessings only doing it for the show thinking that the conversation itself isn't genuine. The two go on about the problem, and then Rana starts to crack. She cant help but smile at her on/off again friends jokes and sensitivity. Even though Rana is a little reluctant on forgiving her, she does and the two apologize , knowing its not going to be easy especially since they're this far in the friendship its almost like a relationship. The two hug and a montage of the joys seen throughout season 2 are shown, then they walk off. And so we commence another season of The Suburbs. See you next season which promises drama..SUMMER & SENIOR YEAR!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

215 - Once A Liar...

Premiered - May. 9th, 2009.

Sandy and her friend Jackie are talking about how short the school year was. They talk about missing the seniors leaving, and are excited for next year and what it'll bring. Meanwhile Ania, Tay, Sherri, and Anika are having lunch. Ania brings up the fact that Vincent is coming back soon. Sherri brings up the fact that shes been holding something back. Her best friend and Vincent used to go out awhile back. Ania being the one to say "i told you so", remembered that its the same girl she saw holding hands with him months ago. Anika also reveals that she knows about another girl he was talking to also, and a furious Ania only has a couple of words to say "cheater cheater pumpkin eater". Even Tay remembers the situation and is shocked to hear the truth. Then Ania states that if he was doing this in another school (like she predicted), whats he doing in another state?

A week later Ania tells Rana about the situation, and Rana takes her word and calls Vincent. (Didn't catch on camera) So Vincent comes clean and tells her that he got the girls number and such, and Rana gets over it because its in the past and she knows all his love is towards her now. BUT the next day, Rana hears from a friend/relative of Vincent that on Vincents past birthday he turned 16 and not 17 like Rana thought. So this makes Rana even more mad, from the things everybody's telling her shes ready to end it with him. While going crazy contemplating breaking up with him, Ivy, Blessing, and Phylicia try to mediate her. Blessing busy on the phone still lost to most of the conversation while Phylicia and Ivy think if she really wanted to break up with him, she has so many options. Rana realizes she truly doesnt want things to end with him.

On her walk home, Ranas on the phone with Vincent. After a long conversation he reminds her that he loves her and wants to make things right, even though they both have alot to think about. It takes her awhile but she responds with a "love you too". When they end the conversation, Rana needs to take a seat and think about what shes going to do with him.

Next episode is the Season 2 Finale! stay tuned

Saturday, April 25, 2009

214 - Moving On

Premiered - Apr. 19th, 2009.

Ania, Danae, and Aaron are sitting in computer class. Ania asks Danae when is Tay leaving to see her college, Danae says shes needs to ask her. Skipping from Tay to the subject of her birthday get together, Danae, talks about how she should do her hair. She talks about having the party in late April and she wants surprise form Aaron. We see some possible new chemistry and flirtation going on between the two.

Over at Glen Island, Ivy and Rana are swinging on the swings. Ivy aks her about the Blessing situation, Rana says shes not doing anything to make the silence between them stop. So, Rana plans on making the first move by calling her saying they need to talk. Ivy reminds her that "chicken" is better than "beef", and to drop the drama.

The next day at school, Tay, Sandy and Sherri, a friend, sit down and talk. Sandy mentions that Tay is leaving for college soon and shes going to miss her. The three talk about college life and the possible challenges that might come her. Then after a group hug the three walk off to class.

Then Blessing and Rana meet up to talk, while Ivy sits on the sideline watching. The two go from talking to yelling about the simple fact that Blessing hid that she had a boyfriend from Rana. After Rana reveals to her that she doesn't hide things from Blessing so its weird she wouldn't tell her. Blessing tells her that she heard the old fact of Vincent moving away for a while from an unknown source before she heard it form Rana, so its sort of like coincidental payback. Although Blessing defends herself saying that her ex boyfriend is nothing to her, so he shouldn't be a topic of discussion, but Rana still begs to differ. After a very long argument the two decided to put it behind them, looking forward to the future and leaving it alone.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

213 - Friend Or Foe

Premiered - Mar. 22nd, 2009.

A day after Tay's birthday, Danae asks how was her day. She went on about Reb Lobster and their famous biscuits. Then Danae talked about her birthday, which is only a couple of weeks away, and double checks if Tay is coming. She responds with a "No Doubt!"

The next Day, at Buffalo Wild Wings, Danae meets up with Blessing and Rana. Danae tells them about her birthday also. She goes on to say that shes not inviting some, including Phylicia. After being cut off plenty of times by Blessing, Danae asks Rana if she was invited to Phylicias party also, which Danae already knew but made the situation worse. Since Phylicia told Danae that her party was a family only affair, it makes it seem as if Everybody knew but Danae only shes not alone, Blessing wasnt invited either. Danae says shes going to be the bigger person and invite her, but if it happens again shell know the type of person she is.

Later that week, Ania is waiting to meet up with Blessing and Rana. Phylicia runs into her and they share a hug. Ania brings up the situation she had months ago with Ivy and her, but Phylicia brushes it off and says its old water under the bridge. Stating she has nothing but love for Ania. Then leaves to go eat with Kori and others. It seems the two are on good terms now.

The next week, the group is out after school. Abigail confronts Blessing on her attitude towards Aaron. Blessing says that its not towards him but its just for the fact that shes pissed and broke up with her boyfriend. Not even acknowledging the fact that Blessing just said she had a boyfriend, Abigail tries to give her best advice. Then she says don't tell anyone "not even Rana knows", soon over comes Phylcia and Kori being nosy, when Phylicia's mom comes they leave and Rana follows behind, thinking they're all gone Abigail and Blessing finish their conversation. When Rana lingers back to the discussion shes curious of the dilemma but they disguise the situation, knowing it will soon come to the light.

Later that week, Ivy and Rana meet up at Forever 21. While they're shopping Ivy mentions that Blessing broke up with her boyfriend, Rana clueless to this is speechless and feeling somewhat betrayed by her "best friend", for the simple fact that she couldn't even tell her that she had a boyfriend in the first place. And since Ivy heard it from Abigail, it makes it worse knowing that Abigail knew and it reminds Rana of the conversation those two were having a week ago. While Ivy's busy shopping, Rana is questioning her friendship with Blessing. Will they remain friends?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

212 - Dont Keep Secrets

Premiered - Feb. 28th, 2009.

A day after Sandy was asked out by Tobias, she had a second encounter. She tells her friend Jackie about what went on this morning. How Tobias wanted to put his things in her locker, and hes getting entirely too close to her. Its freaking Sandy out and she doesn't know what to do. Jackie's advice was to steal his locker, since he has a top and she has a bottom one.

The next day Aaron and Rana are hanging out. Aaron has something hes been keeping from Rana, and shes dying to know. The fact is, Jenny has officially moved onto Rana(and Ivy & Phylicia)'s block, literally a couple of houses down. Rana worried and weirded out by this and Aaron seems nonchalant. Rana just wants her to keep her distance, we all know thats not going to happen for too long.

Over at school, Danae and Ania are in computer class. Danae has some news to tell Ania but is cut off (again) by the principal over the loud speaker. Then, Danae finally gets it out, she moved to New Rochelle. Ania's shocked, but more shocked that she waited until after the fact that she moved to tell her. Ania's feeling as if she might not be as important to Danae as she thought as tight as they are now. Danae mentions how shes the only one who knows, so that makes it somewhat better.

Later that night, Blessing, Rana, Ivy Phylicia & Aaron are out after the movies. They get some dinner, and Blessing wants to know why Rana was mad a little earlier, of course its Vincent (who's away and returning in May) and they got into their weekly argument. Blessing tells her to give it up already, and Rana just might be considering it. Then, Blessing goes on to ask Aaron about his love life, with alot of taunting and teasing she gets the name of his girlfriend. Blesssing is shocked because she knows this girl, whom has a child and is very well known around town. Aaron doesn't seem to care at all, while Rana is dying to know who it is, she gets a call that its time to leave. Please believe this conversation will be brought up again.

Friday, February 6, 2009

211 - All Or No Apologies

Premiered - Feb. 6th, 2009.

At the library Rana reveals that Phylicia is finally allowed back in their 'home spot'(the library), after a run in with an old security guard. Blessing jokes that the 'home spot' is full of lame kids and their apart of the group.

At school, Danae and Tay are having lunch. Cabria, a friend, comes over with Franny, Danae's old friend, to clear some smoky air. Cabria just asks whats the deal between the two used to be friends. They both say its nothing they just drifted apart, but there is obvious tension. Then after words of wisdom from Cabria, Franny apologizes then offers to squash any problems they may have. Danae eventually agrees and then questions her forgiveness. Tay just wishes these girls would grow up.

After school, Abigail tells Aaron and more that she missed them. Shes been so busy with her senior year that she doesn't find time for anything anymore. Then, over at the Chinese food place, Rana goes to see whats up with a quiet Ivy. Ivy's upset that her father brought her brother a car and not her, when her brother doesn't even need/deserve it. Rana tells her that it is a problem, when Ivy tries to shrug it off as nothing at all. She doesn't want to be taking the bus forever, will this be something shell just get over?

The next day at school, Sandy and Jackie, her friend, are outside in the snow. Sandy's crush Tobias walks over and they joke around. Then Ania and her boyfriend, Zeik, come outside to talk and have a feminist joke about how the girls are always the problem in a relationship. After the rest leave Jackie wants to know whats up with Sandy, she tells her about Tobias asking her out. Sandy's close to disgusted when she thinks of him that way, Jackie tells her to maybe give it a chance. Although Sandy's open minded, she is unapologetic for what she said and meant. Forgetting about their problems, the two continue to play in the snow.

Friday, January 30, 2009

210 - Fresh Starts

Premiered - Jan. 30th, 2009.

Its a new year and alot has changed. The group meets up at New Roc Arcade to hang out, there Rana reveals some news. Vincent has left to live with his grandparents for awhile due to tension at home. Blessing seems to be the only one who's stunned, but the rest already knew. She also tells them how hes coming back soon but, hes away for a good reason.

At school Ania and Sandy have a talk. She tells Sandy the news about Vincent. Sandy's shocked herself and especially feels for Rana. Knowing that hell be back makes her feel better, but they both are obviously going to miss him.

At the pizza shop, Phylicia and more sit for lunch. Eventually Anthony meets up with them, Phylicia questions Anthony and whats new with him. She asks if he has a girlfriend his answer is maybe, shes shocked (knowing that Ivy has a crush on him, its open season). Samy and Ivy come over and talk, they joke around for awhile.

On the way home the next day, Rana and Ivy walk with Anthony. Ivy and Anthony seem to be getting close and talking alot. After he leaves Rana asks Ivy whats up with him and her. Ivy admits that shes HAD feelings for him, but after a couple of days the feelings went away. Rana gives her a look that knows its not over, then mentions that its good were all getting fresh starts for the new year. Ivy agrees.

*A video was devoted to the 2nd part of & outtakes from this webisode.