Friday, January 30, 2009

210 - Fresh Starts

Premiered - Jan. 30th, 2009.

Its a new year and alot has changed. The group meets up at New Roc Arcade to hang out, there Rana reveals some news. Vincent has left to live with his grandparents for awhile due to tension at home. Blessing seems to be the only one who's stunned, but the rest already knew. She also tells them how hes coming back soon but, hes away for a good reason.

At school Ania and Sandy have a talk. She tells Sandy the news about Vincent. Sandy's shocked herself and especially feels for Rana. Knowing that hell be back makes her feel better, but they both are obviously going to miss him.

At the pizza shop, Phylicia and more sit for lunch. Eventually Anthony meets up with them, Phylicia questions Anthony and whats new with him. She asks if he has a girlfriend his answer is maybe, shes shocked (knowing that Ivy has a crush on him, its open season). Samy and Ivy come over and talk, they joke around for awhile.

On the way home the next day, Rana and Ivy walk with Anthony. Ivy and Anthony seem to be getting close and talking alot. After he leaves Rana asks Ivy whats up with him and her. Ivy admits that shes HAD feelings for him, but after a couple of days the feelings went away. Rana gives her a look that knows its not over, then mentions that its good were all getting fresh starts for the new year. Ivy agrees.

*A video was devoted to the 2nd part of & outtakes from this webisode.