Saturday, May 9, 2009

215 - Once A Liar...

Premiered - May. 9th, 2009.

Sandy and her friend Jackie are talking about how short the school year was. They talk about missing the seniors leaving, and are excited for next year and what it'll bring. Meanwhile Ania, Tay, Sherri, and Anika are having lunch. Ania brings up the fact that Vincent is coming back soon. Sherri brings up the fact that shes been holding something back. Her best friend and Vincent used to go out awhile back. Ania being the one to say "i told you so", remembered that its the same girl she saw holding hands with him months ago. Anika also reveals that she knows about another girl he was talking to also, and a furious Ania only has a couple of words to say "cheater cheater pumpkin eater". Even Tay remembers the situation and is shocked to hear the truth. Then Ania states that if he was doing this in another school (like she predicted), whats he doing in another state?

A week later Ania tells Rana about the situation, and Rana takes her word and calls Vincent. (Didn't catch on camera) So Vincent comes clean and tells her that he got the girls number and such, and Rana gets over it because its in the past and she knows all his love is towards her now. BUT the next day, Rana hears from a friend/relative of Vincent that on Vincents past birthday he turned 16 and not 17 like Rana thought. So this makes Rana even more mad, from the things everybody's telling her shes ready to end it with him. While going crazy contemplating breaking up with him, Ivy, Blessing, and Phylicia try to mediate her. Blessing busy on the phone still lost to most of the conversation while Phylicia and Ivy think if she really wanted to break up with him, she has so many options. Rana realizes she truly doesnt want things to end with him.

On her walk home, Ranas on the phone with Vincent. After a long conversation he reminds her that he loves her and wants to make things right, even though they both have alot to think about. It takes her awhile but she responds with a "love you too". When they end the conversation, Rana needs to take a seat and think about what shes going to do with him.

Next episode is the Season 2 Finale! stay tuned

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