Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Season 3 continued..this October!

With the premier/continuation being a month away, id like to inform you viewers/readers of the blog!!

Ok, A lot has changed in The Suburbs. We shifted the focus of the show significantly from a relationship drama to the group as a wholes drama. Covering things that we didn't cover before. The show feels much more like a reality instead of a sitcom. Our whole shooting style changed. You’ll see much more action and less people sitting and talking, there are alot more fireworks than before.

301 & 302 were the bonus "summer episodes" to season 2 aka 217 & 218..but were later changed to 301 & 302 for production value.

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Anonymous said...

so im new to this show. i love it and all the work you guys put into this to run your own series. if the new episodes start sept. 29th how many episodes are you airing this season? last season it was 16..right?