Saturday, October 24, 2009

304 - Keep Your Distance

Premiered - Oct. 24th, 2009.

Sandy and Vincent are in school, talking about a couple they see whose always arguing. Sandy asks for an update on them and Vincent says that they argue every time they see each other. She points out that its always the guys fault.

Rana goes to meet up with Ivy & Phylicia to talk about whats been up. Rana tell Phylicia about the break up and shes stunned. Then Phylicia gives her some insight on her life, and her issues with Kali. Phylicia has a hunch that Kali is taking Ivy away from her, purposely, and Ivy tells her that its not as serious as shes making it out to be.

The next day, Rana and Vincent start off by meeting each other and automatically getting into an argument and Vincent decides to leave, afterward Phylicia vents about her run in with Kali the other day & Ivy whos getting upset with the entire situation ends that conversation, moving onto the fact that Blessing is now deciding to hang around. When Ivy & Phylicia leave theres some obvious tension between Blessing and Phylicia, which is unknown. And Blessing and Rana catch up before Blessing leaves.

Later on Kali comes to Ivy's house to confront her about Phylicia and the issue they have for no reason at all. Ivy tells her whats shes told Phylicia and that its stupid but even Kali whos confused about the situation is putting up a guard saying that Phylicia needs to keep her distance before there becomes a problem.

Songs From The Show :
Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say
Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend
Timbaland & Drake - Say Something
Chris Brown - Froze

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