Friday, April 8, 2011

Series Finale & Spin Off

i know its VERY unexpected but the 5th episode of Season 5 is set to be the last of this series. This is a direct message to the actual fans of the show all over the world.

For over 4 years now I've run this series trying my best to bring a reality/teen drama to the internet & local television. After 5 seasons despite the number of episodes, i think The Suburbs has run its course. Its bittersweet but i feel its the right time. I myself record, edit, etc. so its not possible for me to be around all of the cast members at all times. Now you could be saying "why cancel it? just keep it going" BUT once again..all good things come to an end and i think its time to move forward with my projects, and my time. On top of all of that alot of the cast isn't really 'connected' the 'group of friends' is more like a 'group of people who are on a show together and have nothing to talk about'. Nobody's dead, nobody got fired (cause their not paid), but everybody has or is moving on in their own way. I think its time to move forward and say goodbye to 'The Suburbs'. In a whole the suburbs was the love story of Rana & Vincent and the subplots of a group of friends in high school living day to day, real arguments, real issues, and real teens, but those stories are over & done with.

Now to bring you up to date, the current cast is VERY busy or simply cant find the time to record and or no longer WANTS to the series finale brings all of the current storylines to a proper close. What happens next?...A SPIN OFF ..maybe one or two? i dont know but in time i will reveal who the spin off(s) are about & what its about and its partially up to you guys & what you want to see! so quick question...Who would you rather see a spin off of? Let me know!

This is not the last of Charles Plummer Productions. I have more projects in the works and im sure you'll be seeing more of your favorites & make some more favorites in the spin off. This is most likely not the last time you'll see the cast of The Suburbs just see it as the end of the beginning.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

505 - The End Of The Beginning (series finale)

Premiered - May. 30th 2011.

After hours of labor, Jenny gave birth to a baby boy, Robert Jr. Shes handling business on the phone while her boyfriend, Rob, comes in and shows how bored he is after being in the hospital all day & night. She moves over to realize little Robert Jr. is smiling at her then shares a kiss with Robert, the two realize they have a new responsibility in life, a baby boy.

Renan and his friend Andrew meet up with Rana and her friend Rebeca to update each other. Renan announces hes gotten into FIT, his dream school. And everybody is surprised and excited for him. Not knowingly killing the mood, Rebeca asks Rana about Vincent. Rana tells them all that her and Vincent are done, shes tried to make it work, shes tried being his friend but after everything that's been done shes moving on. Then Rana asks Renan about Angiee, he mentions they're cordial now and have somewhat of a friendship since their falling out. Rebeca adds on that shes glad the drama is over, and theres plenty of new things to worry about

Aaron is moving back upstate, and since Karisma and other girls, hes deciding to stay single. He'll be attending college in the fall. Danae has now moved out on her own and has roommates too. Shes still in college and independently works as a photographer and more. Renan and Rana are going to be in the same college come fall, and hes moving forward with his life. Jenny rekindled her friendship with her ex Joey, since him and her current boyfriend are best friends (surprisingly). Now shes a proud parent, ready for the next chapter in her life. And through it all this carousel called 'The Suburbs' has gained back control. Its not the end, just the end of the beginning.

Songs From The Show :
Leona Lewis - I Got You
The Fray - Look After You
Grace Doty - Carousel (Paper Route cover)

This is the final episode of 'The Suburbs'
Danae & Aaron are absent from this episode.

This WAS the series finale, now turned Season finale
This is the first time you see Jenny's boyfriend/babys father.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

504 - Jennys Shower

Premiered - Feb. 17th 2011.

Aaron, Renan and Danae head over to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Renan mentions that hes glad him & Danae can look past the whole "call me Danae" thing, and Renan respects her wishes. She tells him about Jenny's baby shower coming up, Renan says he wasn't invited and Aaron says hes not going. Danae doesn't think any of their friends were invited even though shes heard it was happening and its a surprise. Skipping the conversation, Aaron says he still wants Danae to find him a new girlfriend but her & Renan tell him that its kind of weird because they know who he is so its going to be hard finding somebody who will put up with his ways.

Over at Jenny's house shes surprised with a baby shower. Shes greeted by family members and more. Everybody goes around about how they feel about her. Jenny's mom gives a speech about her and how shes thankful for her daughter & new grandson coming. With Jenny's baby only weeks away, who knows what else is in store for the ever changing woman.

Songs From The Show :
Theft - Never Be The Same
2Door Cinema - What You Know
Lindsay Lohan - Very Last Moment In Time
Graham Colton - Best Days

NOTE: This episode is short because the cast rarely has time to record lately.
Jenny's boyfriend wishes to not be on the show, so he avoids the camera. (although, he will make an appearance in episode 505).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

503 - What Happens Next?

Premiered - Jan. 27th 2011.

Aaron & Phylicia meet to catch up. Phylicia wants to know if Aaron knows his ex girlfriend (Jenny) is pregnant? He said he knows and he has nothing to do with that, nor any other pregnancies or anything to do with his ex Karisma, whom he tells Phylicia about too. It seems Aarons ready for a relationship, a real one but Rana, Danae, and Phylicia beg to differ.

After months of off camera problems, Renan and Angiee ended their friendship. After about a week or so Renan goes over to Rana's to hang out. She asks him if its sunk in that theyre not friends anymore, he says hes getting used to it, even though its hard. He then goes on to say she chose to not be his friend and made things different and Rana adds in that maybe its better off that way.

Due to Renan and Angiee's immature issue and other events, Rana thinks that its time to be a little more adult and see Vincent after their breakup last year. She lets him know that alot of her friends are losing their friendships, and she doesn't want that for them since they've known each other for so long. Vincent respects her wishes and thanks her for coming to see him. The two agree to be cordial with each other, at least, so there's no animosity anymore. Rana then wonders how it would be if she ever got back with Vincent.

What do you think Rana should do? Take Vincent back or stay single?

Songs From The Show :
The Material - What Happens Next
Aracade Fire - The Suburbs
Broken Records - A Promise
Grace Doty - Let Go Of Me

NOTE: This episode is a revision, added a scene & retitled.
Angiee is no longer a cast member as of this episode.
Phylicia & Vincent (from seasons 1-4) make appearances.

Monday, January 17, 2011

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

502 - When You Least Expect It

Premiered - Jan. 13th 2011.

Right after the blow out with Danae, Renan and Angiee walk back to their car. Angiee tells him that she wasnt going to make herself look stupid and fight her on camera. Renan is just glad that she walked away before things got worse.

At Danaes house, she updates her friend Kaila on the situation with Angiee & Renan. She simply feels like there's no respect coming from either of them. She goes on about how its weird that Kaila has known her for a shorter amount of time and respects her wishes to be called by Danae. Kaila says to let them live in the past and move forward.

Jenny isn't so happy with the way everybody reacted to her being pregnant and reminds them she can switch back to the old reckless Jenny, if they want. She goes on about how she runs stuff in the house. Blessing makes a guest appearance to give her opinion on Jenny, then jenny fills us in on how it would be being a mother, and how she will succeed.

Then it switches over to Aaron talking about his ex "fling" Karisma (one of Jennys old friends) and then flashes back to a month ago when her & Aaron were having one of their arguments over another girl texting him (despite them not being "together").

Renans busy on the computer when he realizes Danae is still running her mouth (on Facebook) and he tells Angiee. They go over again how idiotic it is to be arguing over this and holding grudges. Angiee and Renan then jokingly come to terms about calling her Danae now.

Another flashback to when Aaron broke things off for good with Karisma. She felt she overreacted but was sorry. Aaron was just ready to move on from her and the drama.

Songs From The Show :
Great Northern - Warning
Rihanna - Fading
Tatiana Owens - Pendulum
VV Brown - Shark In The Water
Brian Buckley Band - Bye Blue Sky

This is the only appearance of Aaron's ex Karisma.
This is Angiee's final appearance on the series after leaving, due to creative differences.
This is the second episode to not feature Rana at all.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

501 - Thats Not My Name

Premiered - Jan. 6th 2011.

Last year was a turning point for the cast. Rana & Vincent ended their 3 year relationship, and she ended her friendship with Dontreis. Now Rana's beginning college and wont be around as much as she used to. Since Angiee is no longer moving shes been focusing on her music & make-up career. Renan has been working on his portfolio & modeling. Aaron is back in town and so is Jenny, but shes carrying a little extra baggage than before. Everything's been mellow but little does everybody know..their friendship with Danae is about to change.

Danae meets up with Aaron for the first time since hes been back in town and she updates him. Then she mentions how shes going to hang out with Renan and Angiee and catch up because last shes heard Angiee is no longer moving. She then insists that Aaron stick around this time around.

Over at Jenny's place, we see that shes now 7 months pregnant. She gives us an update on her life and how shes adapting to being pregnant and soon, a mother. She then wonders what everyone thinks about her being pregnant. And everyone gives their opinion.

When Danae meets up with Angiee & Renan to catch up she brings a friend Lacey. Angiee starts off by letitng Danae know that she was late, and Renan agrees that thats the nonchalant 'Britney' they know. Lacey asks whos Britney because Lacey knows of Danae as Danae. Danae then pulls Renan & Angiee aside to give them another lecture on calling her Danae. Angiee & Renan think its stupid that she just doesnt go by her birth name, which is in fact Britney. (For years Danae has been called Britney, its her legal name, in recent years she goes by Danae, and everybody isnt used to it still) Danae then goes back and forth with the two about her being called by what she chooses. Then as the argument escalates Danae tried jumping at Angiee but is pulled away in the heat of it all.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Songs From The Show :
Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life
Dan Black - Symphonies
Britney Spears - Someday
Kanye West - All Of The Lights
Lil Wayne & Eminem - Drop The World (instrumental)

NOTE: This is the first episode to be broadcast in HD.
This is the first episode to not feature Rana.
Some music tracks were sped up to avoid copyright block on YouTube.