Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Season 6

In 2011, The Suburbs came to an abrupt halt. You thought you saw the end of all the trails & tribulations of these young adults in Westchester, New York. for the hell of it, were reviving the series with an all new season, and some new cast members for the Sixth Season of the show.Cast members returningRenan, Rana, Kali & Jenny. New Cast membersNatasha, Tatiana, MIguel, Selina & Alysha, Jackie, Andrew, Phil & Gui.In this season people will be moving in, moving out, memorable fights, starting fresh and bringing up the past. This season will be packed full of real-life drama. Can you handle their realities? New episodes return in 2013, stay tuned!Tweet It! @TheSuburbsTV #TheSuburbs6 #BuckleYourSeatbelts

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Season 6 ?

To the audience that i hope still would you all feel about
Season 6, featuring a new cast?
New people, new theme song, same suburbs?
Leave comments below, in the box, on the channel, on ..say whether or not you'll be interested in watching!

Let us know A.S.A.P.