Friday, April 8, 2011

Series Finale & Spin Off

i know its VERY unexpected but the 5th episode of Season 5 is set to be the last of this series. This is a direct message to the actual fans of the show all over the world.

For over 4 years now I've run this series trying my best to bring a reality/teen drama to the internet & local television. After 5 seasons despite the number of episodes, i think The Suburbs has run its course. Its bittersweet but i feel its the right time. I myself record, edit, etc. so its not possible for me to be around all of the cast members at all times. Now you could be saying "why cancel it? just keep it going" BUT once again..all good things come to an end and i think its time to move forward with my projects, and my time. On top of all of that alot of the cast isn't really 'connected' the 'group of friends' is more like a 'group of people who are on a show together and have nothing to talk about'. Nobody's dead, nobody got fired (cause their not paid), but everybody has or is moving on in their own way. I think its time to move forward and say goodbye to 'The Suburbs'. In a whole the suburbs was the love story of Rana & Vincent and the subplots of a group of friends in high school living day to day, real arguments, real issues, and real teens, but those stories are over & done with.

Now to bring you up to date, the current cast is VERY busy or simply cant find the time to record and or no longer WANTS to the series finale brings all of the current storylines to a proper close. What happens next?...A SPIN OFF ..maybe one or two? i dont know but in time i will reveal who the spin off(s) are about & what its about and its partially up to you guys & what you want to see! so quick question...Who would you rather see a spin off of? Let me know!

This is not the last of Charles Plummer Productions. I have more projects in the works and im sure you'll be seeing more of your favorites & make some more favorites in the spin off. This is most likely not the last time you'll see the cast of The Suburbs just see it as the end of the beginning.