Sunday, November 29, 2009

305 - On To The Next

Part 1 - Premiered Nov. 28th 2009.

Vincent, Ivy, and Rana are on their way home when Rana just isn't feeling the same with Vincent she keeps pushing him away and Ivy jokes around. Vincent, whose fed up says "Thats why i cheated on your, with a prettier girl"...joking or not Rana is pissed and leave it at a "whatever."

The next week, Rana goes to Vincents swim meet at the YMCA. Vincent wants a kiss and a hug for coming in first place but Rana reminds him they're broken up. Vincent will not accept that fact and when he asks Rana why shes acting the way she is..hes clueless to the fact that he said what he said last week and she mentioned to him shes not in the mood.

Over at school Danae is busy editing her first independent film project, her friend Kelly is sitting by helping and watching. Danae tells her again about how a man from Law & Order gave her his card while watching her film outside the school. With school, work, and making her first film, Danae is seeming to have it all figured out.

Later, Blessing, Rana, and some friends Aaron, Dontries, Janelle, and Doriann are hanging out trying to catch up. Aaron reveals that he no longer wants to do the show, he doesn't want to speak on camera or anything and his awkwardness bothers the group. So as he reveals his departure Blessing walks away with Rana and Dontreis following. Blessing asks why Aarons acting so shady and Rana doesn't really ave a response but the fact that hes a new person hanging with new people. While at the bus stop Dontreis, who obviously is sttracted to Rana, is flirting and messing around with her, and Rana doesnt seem to mind much...Blessing notices and asks whats up with the two of them. Dontreis pretends they already have something going on and Blessing reassures him she has a man, but Rana doesn't seem to be minding the attention or being around another boy than Vincent. A questioning Blessing stares onto them as they joke around.

Part 2 - Premieres Nov. 29th 2009.
Vincent, who saw the footage of Dontreis and Rana flirting, is fed up and goes to meet Rana at her house. He tries to talk her out of being friends with Dontreis who obviously likes her, alot, but she wont listen. He tells her to call him outside so he can confront him but she doesn't. Dontreis eventually comes outside and gives Rana a big hug and says whatsup to Vincent whos just not feeling the love. Vincent calls hm back over and gives him a warning, Dontreis doesn't take the warning too kindly and the two go back and forth then end the conversation when Rana comes back outside. Dontreis says he has to be somewhere and Rana is unhappy with the entire situation. Will Rana and Dontreis remain friends, will Vincent and her ever be back on good terms?

Songs From The Show :
Iyaz - Replay
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Amerie - Gotta Work
Lovers Electric - Is It Over?
Rihanna - Cold Case Love
One Republic - Lullaby
Rihanna - Stupid In Love

*This episode marked the unplanned Season 3 finale and shows hiatus for 6 months due to of off screen complications. Primarily Rana and Vincent's breakup, school, a computer crash and software loss, also with everybody's schedules being out of order nobody found the time to record until Spring 2010. Season 4 continues the story lines and more unfinished topics in the short 3rd season.


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