Friday, February 6, 2009

211 - All Or No Apologies

Premiered - Feb. 6th, 2009.

At the library Rana reveals that Phylicia is finally allowed back in their 'home spot'(the library), after a run in with an old security guard. Blessing jokes that the 'home spot' is full of lame kids and their apart of the group.

At school, Danae and Tay are having lunch. Cabria, a friend, comes over with Franny, Danae's old friend, to clear some smoky air. Cabria just asks whats the deal between the two used to be friends. They both say its nothing they just drifted apart, but there is obvious tension. Then after words of wisdom from Cabria, Franny apologizes then offers to squash any problems they may have. Danae eventually agrees and then questions her forgiveness. Tay just wishes these girls would grow up.

After school, Abigail tells Aaron and more that she missed them. Shes been so busy with her senior year that she doesn't find time for anything anymore. Then, over at the Chinese food place, Rana goes to see whats up with a quiet Ivy. Ivy's upset that her father brought her brother a car and not her, when her brother doesn't even need/deserve it. Rana tells her that it is a problem, when Ivy tries to shrug it off as nothing at all. She doesn't want to be taking the bus forever, will this be something shell just get over?

The next day at school, Sandy and Jackie, her friend, are outside in the snow. Sandy's crush Tobias walks over and they joke around. Then Ania and her boyfriend, Zeik, come outside to talk and have a feminist joke about how the girls are always the problem in a relationship. After the rest leave Jackie wants to know whats up with Sandy, she tells her about Tobias asking her out. Sandy's close to disgusted when she thinks of him that way, Jackie tells her to maybe give it a chance. Although Sandy's open minded, she is unapologetic for what she said and meant. Forgetting about their problems, the two continue to play in the snow.

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