Saturday, April 25, 2009

214 - Moving On

Premiered - Apr. 19th, 2009.

Ania, Danae, and Aaron are sitting in computer class. Ania asks Danae when is Tay leaving to see her college, Danae says shes needs to ask her. Skipping from Tay to the subject of her birthday get together, Danae, talks about how she should do her hair. She talks about having the party in late April and she wants surprise form Aaron. We see some possible new chemistry and flirtation going on between the two.

Over at Glen Island, Ivy and Rana are swinging on the swings. Ivy aks her about the Blessing situation, Rana says shes not doing anything to make the silence between them stop. So, Rana plans on making the first move by calling her saying they need to talk. Ivy reminds her that "chicken" is better than "beef", and to drop the drama.

The next day at school, Tay, Sandy and Sherri, a friend, sit down and talk. Sandy mentions that Tay is leaving for college soon and shes going to miss her. The three talk about college life and the possible challenges that might come her. Then after a group hug the three walk off to class.

Then Blessing and Rana meet up to talk, while Ivy sits on the sideline watching. The two go from talking to yelling about the simple fact that Blessing hid that she had a boyfriend from Rana. After Rana reveals to her that she doesn't hide things from Blessing so its weird she wouldn't tell her. Blessing tells her that she heard the old fact of Vincent moving away for a while from an unknown source before she heard it form Rana, so its sort of like coincidental payback. Although Blessing defends herself saying that her ex boyfriend is nothing to her, so he shouldn't be a topic of discussion, but Rana still begs to differ. After a very long argument the two decided to put it behind them, looking forward to the future and leaving it alone.

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