Sunday, December 14, 2008

209 - Birthday Confusion

Premiered - Dec. 19th, 2008.

At school Sandy and Vincent talk about what they're going to do for Christmas break, Sandy mentions that shes not into Christmas that much while Vincent tells her that hes going to shower Rana in gifts and more. Sandy jokes if the gifts are going to be real this time.

At the pizza place Phylicia and Rana go to sit and have a chat along with Aaron. The two talk about their birthdays which are coming up, and what they're planning on doing. Phylicia wants to go to a popular place in the city while Rana wants something bigger and better but her parents just wont come through as usual. Rana's sick of the usual "red lobster" family dinners, and Phylicia tells her that shes only turns 16 once.

The next day over at Golden Krust, Blessing, Rana, and Kori have a meal, while they talk about where Phylicia's been. Kori says shes gotten into some trouble so she isn't hanging out as much as she used to. Then Rana tells them about her party that shes planning to have on Friday, Kori tells Rana that that's the same day Phylicia's having hers. Blessing laughs with shock, and Rana is speechless, and Kori just advises Rana to move her date since Friday is Phylicia's actual birthday, and they're left to question what will happen.

The next week at school Sandy and Aaron seem to be getting along now that Aaron's not as flirtatious & things seem cool with everyone. Then Danae talks to a distracted Vincent about how she wasn't invited to Phylicia's outing which Rana decided to tag along with (hence canceling her own party on that date). Then she goes onto asking what hes getting her for Christmas, saying that she wants a lover for Christmas, and nothing else. Vincent thought she was taken already but that's obviously false.

After school, Rana tells Ivy about her changing her party date due to Phylicia's party. Ivy tells her that she could have still held her party since Phylicia's didnt last that long. Rana agreed but figured it was only right to do it, then says that shes gonna have hers in maybe January. Outside on the walk home, Phylicia apologizes to Rana, shes sorry about the whole party thing and its nothing to Rana who's fine with it now. The birthday confusion is over.

*A video was devoted to the 2nd part of & outtakes from this webisode.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

208 - Confrontations

Premiered - Dec. 6th, 2008.

Before their next class, Tay asks Danae whats been going on, shes hearing rumors about her and Ania actually fighting after school. Danae laughs at the false rumor while Sandy asks why she didn't know anything about it. Danae said nobody's fighting but Vincent seems to think otherwise adding in that these girls are always fighting.

Blessing and her friend Nehemiah talk about how Blessing just heard from Ivy that Rana thinks shes changed. Rana comes over and Blessing springs the question on her, an startled Rana handles the blunt question good. She tells Blessing that shes still cool but there's days where she can be different. Blessing agrees and likes Rana's honesty, as Ivy looks on.

After running into a couple of friends (including Aaron), Sandy runs into Vincent on her way to piano lessons. Vincent asks how are things with Ania and Britney (Danae). She says its horrible, Vincent thinks its ridiculous that they're acting so childish. Sandy agrees and plans to stay out of that drama. While she leaves she mentions that Rana's earrings are fakes (again), Vincent admits that he got them from "Claire's" in the "Westchester Mall". Sandy knows that everything in Claire's is fake, but Vincent is assured that those earrings are real, and he makes enough money to not buy fake things.

The next week Sandy stops in for a quick chat with Ania, who's in a serious mood, shes about to go have a long talk with Danae. Sandy listens as Ania tells her that she just wants to resolve things and end the conflict. Then Sandy gets to the library before Ania, so she can have a chat with Danae but shes only ready to talk to Ania and get things off her chest. Ania enters and Sandy goes to sit on the sidelines to listen in on the long awaited confrontation. Ania and Danae's conversation go on about how they both in all honesty never meant each other wrong by doing the things they've done and or said. They both agree to become friends again and plan to go to each other if anything needs to be resolved other than working through the middle man.

*A video was devoted to the 2nd part of & outtakes from this webisode.

Friday, November 21, 2008

207 - Who To Trust?

Premiered - Nov. 22nd, 2008.

On the way home one night, Rana tells Ivy and Aaron that she doesn't even see Vincent anymore. Ivy reminds her not to get mad at him because its not his fault.

Saturday, after cheer leading practice Blessing and Rana sit and have a talk. Rana talks about how its weird that Vincent couldn't be there and its their anniversary day blessing adds that its smart he gave her his present early. Rana jokes that her new earrings are fake, then that if they are fake then why should he lie? Its the thought that counts, then the two talk about relationships.

Later that week at school Vincent catches up with Ania, he asks her whats going on with her & Britney (Danae). She states that things aren't good at all they're not even talking, they're not even friends anymore. Ania says that she thought she couldve trusted her but now she doesn't know who to trust. Vincent assures her he can trust him. The two then walk to class

Meanwhile, Tay asks Danae about the current status of her & Ania. Her response is nothing different than Ania's, except shes at the point where she doesn't even want to hear her name. She mentions all of the flaws in their friendship Tay leaves it at that with Danae obviously mad. A couple of minutes later they run into Sandy who asks about the same thing then Danae, flustered and bothered yells that she doesn't want to talk about it at all. At this point the status of their friendship is slim to nothing at all.

Later that night Ivy, Phylicia & friends spend a night out, nothing special at all just a fill in scene.

*Danae is often referred to as "Britney" because that's her middle name.
*There is no part 2 to this video.
*A video was devoted to the outtakes & cut scenes from this webisode.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

206 - Revolutions

Premiered - Nov. 14th, 2008.

At the library, Phylicia tells Kori about how she and Ivy are talking now and things are better, then she notices Ivy, she goes over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

On a school night at Ivy's house, Ivy, Aaron, & Rana are doing homework. Rana then states that things are shaky once again with Blessing, Ivy and Aaron add on that she is different, and nothing changed with her over summer (besides her hair). Then Ivy talks about how things are with Phylicia and how she just has to deal with her.

The next day at school, Jenny, Aaron's ex, has a quick chat with Sandy, because Jenny got word about Aaron and Sandy maybe having something going on. Sandy then assures Jenny that nothing is going on. The two exchange a good conversation about Aaron, and then walk to their classes.

Back over at the library, Vincent shows Ivy the present he got Rana to prove his love & loyalty. Its a pair of Chanel earrings. Vincent then gives her the earrings, she accepts the gift with alot of thank yous.

Then back at school, Danae, Tay, and Vincent have a free period with a couple of followers Sandy and Jenny. Vincent asks where Ania's been, Tay and Sandy mention shes probably sick. Then Vincent tells the girls he brought Rana expensive earrings, stating shes worth it, they all chime in on how nice it is but that he shouldn't put a price on love.

The cast has had alot of feuds, and alot of trouble, but now it seems revolutions are near.

*There is no part 2 to this video.
*A video was devoted to the outtakes & cut scenes from this webisode.

Friday, November 7, 2008

205 - You've Changed

Premiered - Nov. 7th, 2008.

At lunch Sandy talks to Tay and Vincent about Obama's win of Presidency, and how she obviously was for McCain. Then walking to class they run into Danae, Sandy asks where Ania is she hasnt seen much of her, Vincent says shes with her new boyfriend, and Danae mentions that its awkward she loves him after only a week.

Then the next day on a free period, Ania confronts Vincent on telling Phylicia about the comment she made about Ivy. It was harmless and taken the wrong way in her eyes. Sandy adds in on how Ania get a little tongue tied maybe she is guilty? Vincent then says how he wouldn't jump to conclusions next time.

Over at the library, Vincent goes to visit Rana, Blessing interrupts the start of they're conversation, obviously Vincent had something important to say by his facial expressions. Aaron, friends, and more are there too. Then outside on the walk to the bus stop, Vincent continues their conversation asking where he stands with Rana from last time. She continues to not give him a direct answer.

Back at the library Kori and Phylicia are sitting down talking, Abigail comes over, they randomly talk until Abigail brings up the fact that Phylicia isnt sitting at the table with Ivy, somethings wrong. Phylicia says that Ivys into her own thing & totally ignoring her when she needs her attention but shes gonna leave the situation alone. Abigail comments, then, threatens if her & Ivy don't start talking then shes gonna be the one causing problems. Phylicia's realized that in some ways, Ivy has changed.

On the way to gym, Danae and Tay talk about Ania and her boyfriend and how they feel shes rushing things (love particularly), Danae then admits that she knows that her boyfriend is cheating, or at least flirting behind her back.

Then back at the bus stop, Rana goes to her friend Samy for advice on Vincent. Samy admits that she knows Vincents changing and stepping his game up & that Rana's weird for not admitting it herself. Rana agrees and then states that she does love him, and she doesn't want it to seem like she doesn't. Shes realized that hes changed.

*There is no part 2 to this video.
*A video was devoted to the outtakes & cut scenes from this webisode.

Mid Season Cast Change.

So, you all know Kenny, moved and he rarely visits, so hes no longer a main cast member in the show. Hell return that's a fact but not as a regular. Now we added two familiar faces to the cast Kori, Phylicia's friend, And Tay, another new friend of Danae, Vincent, Sandy, etc. Hopefully they'll be good additions to the cast, talking more about their personal lives, & you seeing more of them! Thanks for watching, season 2 will only get better!

Friday, October 31, 2008

204 - Talk is Cheap

Premiered - Oct. 31st, 2008.

At gym class, Sandy tells Ania and Tay about Aaron, and how he wont stop flirting with her, its become somewhat annoying now. They tell her about Jenny, Aarons Ex, and how she doesnt like to share, and to be on the lookout for her.

The next day at gym class, on a freezing October day, Danae, Sandy, and Tay walk to class. Suddenly it starts to snow/rain and they move gym indoors, Sandy mentions her birthday was yesterday.

Over in New Ro, Phylicia talks to Aaron and Kori about how she misses Kenny, and her and Ivy arent as close as they were before. Then Rana and Vincent come in. Vincent has been waiting to talk to Phylicia to tell her that he heard Ania talking about Ivy and how shes fake & shes not too fond of her personality. Phylicia goes on to say that shes going to say something to her. As she leaves she reminds him if there's anything else to tell her first thing.

Before the bus ride home, Rana and Vincent talk about how Danae told her about Vincent talking to other girls, holding hands, etc. Vincent try's to prove his love to Rana as usual, she says she believes him but then adds "I'll believe it when i see it", not stating what she wants to see, or hasn't seen. Leaving Vincent clueless on how he can fully and truthfully regain her trust, because now-a-day's talk is cheap.

*There is no part 2 to this video.
*A video was devoted to the outtakes & cut scenes from this webisode.

Friday, October 24, 2008

203 - Lies & Goodbyes?

Premiered - Oct. 25th, 2008.

On a regular day out, its becoming more clear that everybody is going to miss Kenny. Phylicia keeps bringing it up and everybody keeps ignoring it. Is Phylicia the only one who's going to miss Kenny? Same time, Blessing reveals to the rest that she dumped her latest "boyfriend."

Meanwhile Danae, Ania, and Tay, a friend, are leaving gym class and have a quick random chat.

Back over in new ro, Blessing finishes updating Rana on her breakup with this guy. Switches to the Chinese resturant where Phylicia tells Kenny how much shes going to miss him AGAIN and how she wants him to promise theyll stay "brother & sister" forever. Kori, a friend, and Kenny talk about their (sarcastic) relationship that seems to be ended since she caught him cheating.

The gang later gets booted out of the Chinese restaurant for just being there. And run into Aaron. Blessing then decides to give Aaron another "talk" about him messing around with ALOT of girls. She then decides to remind him of all the problems he'll get from his "player" lifestyle. She knows hes lying, but he refuses all acclaims of him being a player.

*There is no part 2 to this video.
*A video was devoted to the outtakes & cut scenes from this webisode.

Monday, September 29, 2008

202 - One Big Mistake

Premiered - Oct. 18th, 2008.

While at lunch Sandy, and her friend Franny aka Danaes old EXfriend, talk about sports, then how her & Danae had a falling out before school started. And its funny how they're talking about her, and shes just a table away, she obviously wanted her to hear her loud & clear.

Then Vincent is confronted by Ania & Danae, about ANOTHER interaction between him and another girl (who isnt Rana), at the new school. The conversation drags on about whats the right & wrong things to do with a girl who isn't "your girl", leaving Vincent innocent until proven guilty.

The next day at gym class, Sandy and her friend Tay are having a regular conversation until she mentions that she hears that Franny, Danaes ex best friend, is just warming up to her for jealousy purposes and that her friendship is "one big problem".

Then later that at lunch Franny walks by and Danae gives a questionable look, Vincent gets an apology from Ania about him cheating and being seen with other girls, hes been weary knowing hes got Anias eye constantly on him now, so will all his actions be true?. Aaron then walks over to ask for something.

Switches over to Blessing, Abigail, and Rana eating at Wild Wings, then on the way home they run into Ivy, and Phylicia who is the only one obviously stating the feeling of distance from Kenny. Danae catches up with him to find out hes moving, and soon. Danae wants to know why she didnt know, Kenny admits that she acts like she doesnt know him, she ignores the insult and changes the subject, knowing its sometimes true.

*There is no part 2 to this video.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

201 - Everythings Changed.

Premiered - Oct. 10th, 2008.

As Vincent comes back home, hes still pushed away by Rana, whom should be nothing but happy due to the fact that hes home. As time dwindles Vincent has to go home, Rana however doesn't want him to leave after implying that he should. Ivy looks on with confusion and chimes in as they continue to bother each other.

A couple of days later after orientation at school, Ivy sits and talks with Blessing. The two agree that they're over the drama, and want peace this year, since Blessings argument with Rana hasn't been settled. Rana arrives to the table and Blessing seems to be unkind as Rana sits in silence Blessing gives a devilish laugh.

At school Danae and Ania run into Vincent who seems to be quiet around Gloria a friend. Danae asks hows everything he says things are perfect but Danae knows theres trouble in paradise.

After school Ivy and Rana talk about the situation with Blessing, Rana says everythings ok now but, shes not sure that things will be the same again. Phylicia chimes in being nosy and Aaron sits in silence clueless to all the drama.

Back at school, the next day, Ania tells Danae that Gloria, a friend, was approached by Vincent and complimented on her appearances and more. Danae knows the type of person Vincent is and promises that he will get the "business" if hes playing Rana (again).

The next day, after school, Danae meets up with Blessing, Aaron, and Rana. She asks Rana if shes keeping an eye on Vincent. Blessing chimes in about Vincent, Rana mentions that if he is playing her that shell go up to the school and handle it herself. Then Danae reveals the budding relationship between Aaron and Sandy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Season 2 Cast Bios.

The Suburbs is unlike any other show on the net. After a popular first run, the series is back. In season two, some of the same cast members return as we also introduce a few newcomers. The cast grapples with back-stabbing boyfriend treachery, former friends turned foes, prying parents and more as they face the biggest challenge of all-the looming specter of adulthood.

Rana - Since Vincent left for Jamaica, and her argument with a fed up Blessing, Rana had an ok summer. Now schools back in session and shes stuck with mixed feelings about her relationship & friendships. She hasn't patched things up with Blessing yet. Will things be the same with her long time boyfriend & best friend?

Blessing - Since the summer started Blessing has been working and focusing on herself. After dealing with a weight issue shes said to be better now. Shes "over the he said she said drama" also, and just wants peace this year, will it happen?

Vincent - After returning home from Jamaica, hes been feeling the distance between Rana and himself even stronger. He no longer attends school with Rana so that makes everything even harder including staying faithful, with a new school and so many new "opportunities", will it last?

Danae - Since the summers ended Danae's been trying to balance work and home life. Only 16 and so much on her shoulders from going to a new school,fending for herself, keeping an eye on Vincent for Rana, and relationship problems. Can she deal with the pressure?

Aaron - Since summer ended he finally broke it off with on and off girlfriend Jenny. Now attending a new school with Danae & Vincent, seen as a player often but trying to shed that image he cant seem to shake & its no help to have your ex in the same school as you. Can he become a new person and ditch the past or will it yield his future relationships & more?

Ivy - Since summer ended Ivy's been living a drama free life, Ivy wants everybody to get along but shes not helping by causing some of the drama, and what will she do when Phylicia's boyfriend comes between her and her family?

Phylicia - Since summers ended Phylicia's been living a drama free life, but her new boyfriend is seeming to be somewhat her life, is he coming between her & her family life? And what will happen when shes getting feelings for an old crush?

Abigail - A common friend with words of wisdom, only in for season 2, has a busy schedule since shes only a few months away from college.

Kenny - Starred in only 3 episodes this season, moved upstate, his last day was documented, no longer a regular.

Ania - New to cast, A new common friend, and classmate at the new school. Usually seen with Danae.

Sandy - New to cast, common friend & classmate.

Kori - Phylicia's best friend, mid- season replacement since Kenny left.

Tay - New to cast, Danae's friend, mid- season replacement since Kenny left, only in for season 2, soon to leave for college and onto the next chapter of her life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Season 2!

Were back for another season. Join Rana, Blessing, Vincent, Danae, Ivy, Phylicia, Aaron, and a couple of new faces. From breakups to makeups, preparing for college, new friends, new schools, and good ole drama, Season 2 promises good times. The new season starts Friday, October 10th.

The Journal News

The Suburbs cast recently got interviewed by 'Stacey Anderson' from The Jounral News. With the newfound popularity 'The Suburbs' is finally getting noticed. Stacey talked about the series & how we got started and where were at right now. The Article will be posted here Saturday. Above is a photo from the interview. Season 2 begins October 10th MARK CALENDARS!

EDIT: Heres a link to the article on the show!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Post

Heres a link to the site, there you can watch season 1 aka the 2007-2008 school year. Full of drama and hilarious times.

The Suburbs

Were currently working on a "Season 2" we just finished up our 07-08 year of high school and now were filming our summer leading into the 08-09 school year more episodes will be coming soon so hang in there. until then watch semesters 1 & 2 on youtube.