Saturday, May 30, 2009

216 - Dont Look Back

Part 1
Premiered - May. 30th, 2009.

*A season review to bring everybody up to date is shown.

Out shopping, Ivy and Rana talk about the latest. Vincent is coming back next week and Rana's beyond happy. She tells Ivy that hes came clean of everything that was wrong. She forgave him of course but among one of the many things Vincent confessed to, Ivy was upset that he didn't have his license like she thought. And the situation with the infamous girl (that Ania, Sherri, and others saw him with) he did talk to but it wasn't anything serious. Rana wants to move on and forget the past, shes ready to start a new slate with him.

Over at school, Ania and Gloria, a friend, are sitting back in the talking about how fast the year went by. Then Danae interrupts them because she has to get something off her chest with Ania. When Gloria leaves Danae asks why Ania didn't come to her birthday get together (which shes made a big deal of for some months now). Ania simply said that she went to her boyfriends first baseball game. Danae obviously upset didn't like that she did that. And aside from that, Ania tells Danae that shes not feeling the same, as if they're distancing apart, and she cant find anything in common between them lately. Danae, is again, shocked that Ania is saying this, and just before things get any weirder Ania begins to leave as Danae sings "hes phony, shes fake". DRAMAA

Part 2
Premiered - May. 31st, 2009.

Blessing and Rana havent been talking for a couple of weeks, over nonsense. The two truthfully and honestly randomly meet up at target and the drama begins. Blessing's aunt Sophia notices Rana and calls her over. Blesing goes to sit down while Rana catches up with Sophia. Annoyed at Blessings silence, and rudeness, Rana leaves. Sophia forces Blessing to go find her and talk to her, so she does. When the two start to talk Rana thinks Blessings only doing it for the show thinking that the conversation itself isn't genuine. The two go on about the problem, and then Rana starts to crack. She cant help but smile at her on/off again friends jokes and sensitivity. Even though Rana is a little reluctant on forgiving her, she does and the two apologize , knowing its not going to be easy especially since they're this far in the friendship its almost like a relationship. The two hug and a montage of the joys seen throughout season 2 are shown, then they walk off. And so we commence another season of The Suburbs. See you next season which promises drama..SUMMER & SENIOR YEAR!!!!

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