Thursday, December 9, 2010

Music blockings and Germany

So, its not that "known" but alot of our episodes from various season are officially blocked in Germany. Mostly because of the music we use, which is odd but who cares. Just saying if theres an serious Germany fans, or regular US fans that cant view episodes like they used to, let us know! Send us a message on the youtube channel or here in the comments! Its ok because they cant stop us from re-uploading :P

Sunday, November 28, 2010


while you guys wait watch seasons 1-4 to hold you over.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

406 - No Place Like Home

Premiered - Sep. 12th 2010.

In the season finale, Rana meets up with Renan for the first time since hes been back from Brazil. They catch up and Renan asks for an update on Blessing (Kofo), Danae, and Phylicia, Rana lets him know that theyre all onto new things. Rana reminds Renan that Angiee has something important to tell him and to catch up with her too asap. Renan mentions that hes just ready for his senior year and then college and new friends, drama, etc. Rana adds that shes glad to not jknow whats next in her life, and that theres no more Vincent or Dontreis. The two continue to relax and talk about the future.

The next night at Angiee's Renan meets up with her for the first time in a month. Angiee is excited to see Renan and the two catch up, Renan mentions how he went to a Ne-Yo concert while he was there. After some minutes of silence, Angiee breaks the news to Renan...she states that shes moving, to North Carolina. Renan doesnt believe her. She goes on about how theres no life for her there and that its not going to be the same if she does leave, her family, friends, and life is here in NY. Renan reassures her everything's going to be alright as she begins to cry. The two hug and Angiee continues to weep. Whats next for Rana? and Whether Angiee moves or not...only time will tell.

Songs From The Show :
Mia Carruthers & The Retros - Chasing After Something
Marie Digby - Symphony
One Republic - Lullaby
Green River Ordinance - On Your Own

NOTE: This concludes Season 4: The transition season.
This could possibly be the last episode for Angiee?

Rana & Renan are the only two confirmed for Season 5 which will begin late this year, in HD. (more info soon!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

405 - Theres Nothing There

Premiered - Aug. 25th 2010.

At Glen Island park, Rana and Dontreis are hanging out with some friends. Dontreis mentions that its a little early for Rana to already be playing around and telling him to shut up. Rana is fed up with him and jokes that hes "not on the show" and to stop recording him. Dontreis walks away mad, and later talks to Rana whose been taunting him through the night and no matter what he says Rana seems over him. He mentions that rana "used to be on some romantic s*** with him", but isn't anymore. Dontreis gets the clue and lets her walk away without chasing behind her.

Over at Angiee's house, Rana meets up with Angiee to have some girl time. Angiee mentions that she feels lost without Renan in town, since hes vacationing in Brasil for a month. Angiee mentions that she has some news to break to everybody but isnt ready to tell anyone until Renan is back since she feels that he deserves to know first. Rana agrees while Angiee says she saw Dontreis on the bus and Rana tells her that shes over him, there's nothing there and she doesnt need another relationship anytime soon. Angiee jokes that he wasnt right for her anyways.

The Next night over at New Roc, Rana, Angiee & Blessing meet up for what could possibly be one the last times they see Blessing for awhile. Angiee says that rumor is Blessings leaving soon, Blessing says she only has about a week left. They talk about Ivy leaving without saying much and how Rana is like one of the few that are left. Rana also mentions that shes sick of everybody leaving its starting to get to her. While on their way out the girls share a couple of laughs before the night ends.

Songs From The Show :
Hey Monday - I Dont Wanna Dance
Katy Perry - Not Like The Movies
Lovers Electric - Love Waits
Vanessa Rose - Almost Over

NOTE: This was Dontreis's last episode, due to him and Ranas relationship ending.
This was also, unexpectedly, Blessing's final episode.

Monday, July 19, 2010

404 - The First To Go

Premiered - Jul. 19th 2010.

At Kali's house, Rana, Ivy & Kali look at the school yearbook and reminisce. Ivy reveals that shes leaving for college that week and the girls are shocked that Ivy kept it a secret. Ivy says she didn't want them to make it a big issue, to just keep in contact and 'OOvOO' her, and adds that shes gonna miss them.

The next night Renan & Angiee are at Starbucks drinking and chatting. They talk about how everybody leaving and that they're not going to have people to hang out with, Angiee assures him they're going to make new friends. Angiee says shes been focusing on her music, trying to get her career started, and then tells Renan he needs to move to New Rochelle, where Angiee resides. Renan says its most likely not happening and that his father hasn't brought an apartment there. He just wants to better his portfolio wherever he goes so he can get into FIT. Angiee repeats that it would be a better change for him, leaving him to seriously question moving.

Later, Ivy stops by Ranas for a final goodbye. Rana asks wheres Phylicia Ivy says she probably busy and acts like shes not even leaving. The two reminiscence about the past and ivy talks about college life. Time flys by and Ivy's ready to head back home to finish packing up, Rana walks her out. Obviously sad, Rana gives her a big hug and sees her off. And Ivy is back on her way to college.

Songs From The Show :
Selena Gomez & The Scene - Live Like There's No Tomorrow
Vedera - A World Apart
Stars - Time Can Never Kill The True Heart
Vedera - Goodbye My Love

NOTE: This was Ivy's last episode, due to her leaving for college.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

403 - Its A Yes Or No

Premiered - Jul. 12th 2010.

While walking to Blessings house, Rana and Blessing catch up. They talk about how schools officially over. Blessing asks Rana about Dontreis (who was previously seen in Episode 303) and their status, since shes a single girl now. Rana knows Dontreis really has feelings for her but Rana hasnt pursued anything as of yet. They rant about boys and life, but Blessing stops to ask Rana if shes certain that she doesn't have feelings for Dontreis. Rana gives her a blank stare, but Blessing knows there's something there.

The next week everybody's hanging out on a summer night. Rana, Dontreis, Renan, Angiee, Ivy, Phylicia, and even Danae. When Ivy arrives is when things heat up between Dontreis and Rana who both continuously flirt. Ivy says that she has to go home soon but stops to ask Renan & Angiee whatever happened to Vincent. Angiee says its a long story and Dontreis hears Vincents name leading him to go off. Dontreis goes on about his dislike towards Vincent, and Angiee agrees on his views of Vincents jealousy. Despite what she shows Rana cuddles up with Dontreis and talks about their little kindling on the grass looking at the stars, Dontreis said he felt a connection. Rana jokes that she didn't feel anything at all. Renan says that he sees whats going on between the two. Rana and Dontreis bond the rest of the night while everybody else looks on.

Songs From The Show :
FeFe Dobson - I Want You
Carolina Liar - Better Alone
Nicki Minaj - Your Love
Alicia Keys - Un-Thinkable feat. Drake

NOTE: Dontreis now has a lead role, replacing Vincent, who left the series after 402.

Friday, June 11, 2010

402 - Im Completely Done

Premiered Jun. 15th 2010.

On a ride out, Danae and Renan are having a quick chat. Danae wants to know whats new, but Renan reminds her that the only new thing is all the talk about her and her transformation. She lets it be known, what she does or whatever is going on in her life is her business, point blank.

Later that week, Angiee and Renan are talking about devising a plan to get Rana & Vincent together to clear the air of their childish situation.

The next night, after some minor goofs Danae, Rana, Renan & Angiee are on their way to hang out with Vincent...Rana doesn't want to go but still tags along. Danae talks of going to "Sue's", a strip club in Westchester. The others bother her about it, but Danae reveals a secret...that shes a videographer for certain celebrities now. So especially on celeb nights at clubs, that's a reason why Danae is out there working.

They all finally get to Vincent's and he takes awhile to come out. When he does come out, he never even knew that Rana was going to be tagging along, so he runs off surprised. He comes back around and Rana is minding her business not even paying any attention to Vincent at all, not even a "Hello". Angiee, Renan & Danae confront him and talk to him about not hanging out with them lately but Vincents quiet. He often glances at Rana who is paying him no mind. Danae goes over to talk with Rana whose lost in thoughts. Renan and Angiee confirm that they see shes over him and this will hopefully help both of them mature in the future. Yet, seeing this awkward situation, everybody hangs around for a little while longer..and Rana just moves herself further down the block giving Vincent one last glance walking away. Vincent looks back but doesn't say a thing.

Songs From The Show :
Annani D - Assor Jam
Coldplay - Lost!
Lesly Roy - Come To Your Senses
Drake - Find Your Love
Rihanna - The Last Song (Instrumental)
Greg Laswell - Goodbye

NOTE: Was re-edited for YouTube
This is the end of the Rana & Vincents relationship.
This is Vincents final episode, after he left the series.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

401 - I Gotta Do Me

Premiered May 24th 2010.

Alot can change in a couple of months. Kali and Phylicia worked out their issues with Ivy from when you last saw them feuding. Sandy's been busy working on school so she left the series, and the cast is hanging out with new friends like Renan and Angiee. Now,Danae has always been a social butterfly but lately something about her has changed. And Rana tried over and over with Vincent then things went from bad to worse and finally, they broke up.

Blessing and Ivy are in Mcdonalds, Blessing informs Ivy that Vincent and Rana broke up...and that its been 3 months now. Ivy doesn't seem to be too surprised regardless of not knowing. Blessing tells her not to mention Vincent around Rana because shes still touchy on the subject.

Over at Angiee's house her and Renan are talking about hanging out with their new group of friends. Renan mentions that Ivy's birthday is Saturday and their all going out to dinner and after to Kali's house to hangout. Angiee tell him she might not make it then Renan mentions hes anxious to know about the breakup between her and Vincent and wants to question her. Angiee adds in that shes known Vincent for awhile and hes not an angel but they'll just have to see and hope for no drama between them all.

At school, Phylicia stops Rana to tell her about who she saw last night. It was Danae, whos been M.I.A. lately and very much to herself, she saw her walking to a club with a new hairdo and a new attitude. She tells Rana that they need to sit her down and have a talk, that shes growing up too much lately.

The next week, at McDonalds Kevin, Phylicia & Danae's friend has a chat with Danae. He tells her that shes been "doing her" a little too much lately..shes been busy editing and working with celebrities shes lost contact with herself and her real friends. Danae's new found attitude kicks in and she insists "business is business", and shes too busy to sit down and talk about what Phylicia said and what people are thinking because if they're against who she is now then they're not her friends. She then storms off, glancing back somewhat uncertain.

That same night over at Kali's house, the celebration for Ivy's birthday is continuing. While Rana has a moment, Renan pulls her aside and asks her about the breakup. Rana tells him in a nutshell, she just got tired of it all, him lying and cheating and doing so many mischievous things. Renan agreed and told her that him and Angiee have been running into him alot lately and that hes been friendly. Rana warns him to not hang out with Vincent because hes being phony. Kali comes over and tells them they're being too secretive and need to come back to the party. As the party continues Rana is seen looking as if shes in deep thought, while everyone is enjoying themselves Rana doesn't seem to be having a good time after that conversation. Her uncomfortableness could be many things, only time will tell.

Songs From The Show:
Uffie feat. Pharrell - ADD, SUV
B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams (of Paramore) - Airplanes
Asher Roth feat. Keri Hilson - She Dont Want A Man
Erik Hassle - Bump In The Road
Tyler Kyte - Happiness

Monday, May 24, 2010

Season 4 News, Episode Review and More

As some of you know...Season 3 was going to be the LAST season of "The Suburbs", but A LOT has changed. With the unplanned hiatus of the show we have had a whirlwind of off camera drama. But we are back, with new episodes beginning in late May. This season WILL be short and is going to be known as the "transition" season. You will see some of your favorite cast members move forward onto bigger and better things and you'll see some new faces and get acquainted to some new drama. Returning for Season 4 is everyone from Season 3 with new cast members Renan and Angiee. This season is sure to answer questions left unanswered and put alot of drama to rest following the last days of high school for some and summer plus way more! Stay tuned!