Tuesday, October 13, 2009

303 - Out With The Old

Premiered - Oct. 13th, 2009.

Alot has changed since summer. Ania and Danae put their differences aside and are now friends. Although Ania decided to leave the show, shes not the only one though, Blessing has decided to leave the show too and early last season Aaron decided to distance himself. Now summers over and everything going well. But Jenny and her new boyfriend Joey aren't at their best and Rana and Vincent have seem to hit rock bottom.

Rana meets up with Phylicia on the night before school and they talk about how they miss Kori since shes moved, and how Blessings changed. Aside from that Rana mentions that Vincent is coming to visit tomorrow and Ranna knows there's going to be an argument. Phylicia tells her to call her just in case and shell bring her matches.

The next day, without a doubt Rana and Vincent get into an argument. And its simply over Rana not giving Vincent a hug when he greets her. After alot of yelling Rana walks away stating "Im Done" which leaves Vincent to stand there, alone, in tears.

That night Jenny and Joey are at Great Wall, a Chinese restaurant before getting their food Jenny says a racist joke about the Chinese woman in the store. Joey isn't too happy after-wards and when Jenny is wondering why shes being ignored and treated rudely shes tells him it was a joke but Joey just isn't in the mood for games.

The next day, at school Vincent catches up with Sandy and they talk about school, Sandy's surgery over the summer, and the argument that Rana and him had, he seems to be taking it lightly and not realizing whats happened. Sandy leaves and jokes that hes used to being by himself.

Later, Rana, Ivy, and new friend Kali are talking about the argument last week. Rana states that it is over, but Kali and Ivy KNOW its not over. Ivy reassures Rana there's so much more out there and there's a lot of "buses" to catch and things to do. Rana seems to listen but at the end of the day Rana will do as she pleases. The three come in for a group hug and walk to the bus.

Songs From The Show :
One Republic - All The Right Moves
Vedera - Satisfy
Robyn - Handle Me
One Republic - All I Need (Say)
Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

NOTE: Blessing is returning to the suburbs as of episode 302.

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