Sunday, March 22, 2009

213 - Friend Or Foe

Premiered - Mar. 22nd, 2009.

A day after Tay's birthday, Danae asks how was her day. She went on about Reb Lobster and their famous biscuits. Then Danae talked about her birthday, which is only a couple of weeks away, and double checks if Tay is coming. She responds with a "No Doubt!"

The next Day, at Buffalo Wild Wings, Danae meets up with Blessing and Rana. Danae tells them about her birthday also. She goes on to say that shes not inviting some, including Phylicia. After being cut off plenty of times by Blessing, Danae asks Rana if she was invited to Phylicias party also, which Danae already knew but made the situation worse. Since Phylicia told Danae that her party was a family only affair, it makes it seem as if Everybody knew but Danae only shes not alone, Blessing wasnt invited either. Danae says shes going to be the bigger person and invite her, but if it happens again shell know the type of person she is.

Later that week, Ania is waiting to meet up with Blessing and Rana. Phylicia runs into her and they share a hug. Ania brings up the situation she had months ago with Ivy and her, but Phylicia brushes it off and says its old water under the bridge. Stating she has nothing but love for Ania. Then leaves to go eat with Kori and others. It seems the two are on good terms now.

The next week, the group is out after school. Abigail confronts Blessing on her attitude towards Aaron. Blessing says that its not towards him but its just for the fact that shes pissed and broke up with her boyfriend. Not even acknowledging the fact that Blessing just said she had a boyfriend, Abigail tries to give her best advice. Then she says don't tell anyone "not even Rana knows", soon over comes Phylcia and Kori being nosy, when Phylicia's mom comes they leave and Rana follows behind, thinking they're all gone Abigail and Blessing finish their conversation. When Rana lingers back to the discussion shes curious of the dilemma but they disguise the situation, knowing it will soon come to the light.

Later that week, Ivy and Rana meet up at Forever 21. While they're shopping Ivy mentions that Blessing broke up with her boyfriend, Rana clueless to this is speechless and feeling somewhat betrayed by her "best friend", for the simple fact that she couldn't even tell her that she had a boyfriend in the first place. And since Ivy heard it from Abigail, it makes it worse knowing that Abigail knew and it reminds Rana of the conversation those two were having a week ago. While Ivy's busy shopping, Rana is questioning her friendship with Blessing. Will they remain friends?

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