Friday, November 21, 2008

207 - Who To Trust?

Premiered - Nov. 22nd, 2008.

On the way home one night, Rana tells Ivy and Aaron that she doesn't even see Vincent anymore. Ivy reminds her not to get mad at him because its not his fault.

Saturday, after cheer leading practice Blessing and Rana sit and have a talk. Rana talks about how its weird that Vincent couldn't be there and its their anniversary day blessing adds that its smart he gave her his present early. Rana jokes that her new earrings are fake, then that if they are fake then why should he lie? Its the thought that counts, then the two talk about relationships.

Later that week at school Vincent catches up with Ania, he asks her whats going on with her & Britney (Danae). She states that things aren't good at all they're not even talking, they're not even friends anymore. Ania says that she thought she couldve trusted her but now she doesn't know who to trust. Vincent assures her he can trust him. The two then walk to class

Meanwhile, Tay asks Danae about the current status of her & Ania. Her response is nothing different than Ania's, except shes at the point where she doesn't even want to hear her name. She mentions all of the flaws in their friendship Tay leaves it at that with Danae obviously mad. A couple of minutes later they run into Sandy who asks about the same thing then Danae, flustered and bothered yells that she doesn't want to talk about it at all. At this point the status of their friendship is slim to nothing at all.

Later that night Ivy, Phylicia & friends spend a night out, nothing special at all just a fill in scene.

*Danae is often referred to as "Britney" because that's her middle name.
*There is no part 2 to this video.
*A video was devoted to the outtakes & cut scenes from this webisode.

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