Sunday, September 28, 2008

201 - Everythings Changed.

Premiered - Oct. 10th, 2008.

As Vincent comes back home, hes still pushed away by Rana, whom should be nothing but happy due to the fact that hes home. As time dwindles Vincent has to go home, Rana however doesn't want him to leave after implying that he should. Ivy looks on with confusion and chimes in as they continue to bother each other.

A couple of days later after orientation at school, Ivy sits and talks with Blessing. The two agree that they're over the drama, and want peace this year, since Blessings argument with Rana hasn't been settled. Rana arrives to the table and Blessing seems to be unkind as Rana sits in silence Blessing gives a devilish laugh.

At school Danae and Ania run into Vincent who seems to be quiet around Gloria a friend. Danae asks hows everything he says things are perfect but Danae knows theres trouble in paradise.

After school Ivy and Rana talk about the situation with Blessing, Rana says everythings ok now but, shes not sure that things will be the same again. Phylicia chimes in being nosy and Aaron sits in silence clueless to all the drama.

Back at school, the next day, Ania tells Danae that Gloria, a friend, was approached by Vincent and complimented on her appearances and more. Danae knows the type of person Vincent is and promises that he will get the "business" if hes playing Rana (again).

The next day, after school, Danae meets up with Blessing, Aaron, and Rana. She asks Rana if shes keeping an eye on Vincent. Blessing chimes in about Vincent, Rana mentions that if he is playing her that shell go up to the school and handle it herself. Then Danae reveals the budding relationship between Aaron and Sandy.

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