Friday, October 24, 2008

203 - Lies & Goodbyes?

Premiered - Oct. 25th, 2008.

On a regular day out, its becoming more clear that everybody is going to miss Kenny. Phylicia keeps bringing it up and everybody keeps ignoring it. Is Phylicia the only one who's going to miss Kenny? Same time, Blessing reveals to the rest that she dumped her latest "boyfriend."

Meanwhile Danae, Ania, and Tay, a friend, are leaving gym class and have a quick random chat.

Back over in new ro, Blessing finishes updating Rana on her breakup with this guy. Switches to the Chinese resturant where Phylicia tells Kenny how much shes going to miss him AGAIN and how she wants him to promise theyll stay "brother & sister" forever. Kori, a friend, and Kenny talk about their (sarcastic) relationship that seems to be ended since she caught him cheating.

The gang later gets booted out of the Chinese restaurant for just being there. And run into Aaron. Blessing then decides to give Aaron another "talk" about him messing around with ALOT of girls. She then decides to remind him of all the problems he'll get from his "player" lifestyle. She knows hes lying, but he refuses all acclaims of him being a player.

*There is no part 2 to this video.
*A video was devoted to the outtakes & cut scenes from this webisode.

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