Monday, September 29, 2008

202 - One Big Mistake

Premiered - Oct. 18th, 2008.

While at lunch Sandy, and her friend Franny aka Danaes old EXfriend, talk about sports, then how her & Danae had a falling out before school started. And its funny how they're talking about her, and shes just a table away, she obviously wanted her to hear her loud & clear.

Then Vincent is confronted by Ania & Danae, about ANOTHER interaction between him and another girl (who isnt Rana), at the new school. The conversation drags on about whats the right & wrong things to do with a girl who isn't "your girl", leaving Vincent innocent until proven guilty.

The next day at gym class, Sandy and her friend Tay are having a regular conversation until she mentions that she hears that Franny, Danaes ex best friend, is just warming up to her for jealousy purposes and that her friendship is "one big problem".

Then later that at lunch Franny walks by and Danae gives a questionable look, Vincent gets an apology from Ania about him cheating and being seen with other girls, hes been weary knowing hes got Anias eye constantly on him now, so will all his actions be true?. Aaron then walks over to ask for something.

Switches over to Blessing, Abigail, and Rana eating at Wild Wings, then on the way home they run into Ivy, and Phylicia who is the only one obviously stating the feeling of distance from Kenny. Danae catches up with him to find out hes moving, and soon. Danae wants to know why she didnt know, Kenny admits that she acts like she doesnt know him, she ignores the insult and changes the subject, knowing its sometimes true.

*There is no part 2 to this video.

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