Friday, June 11, 2010

402 - Im Completely Done

Premiered Jun. 15th 2010.

On a ride out, Danae and Renan are having a quick chat. Danae wants to know whats new, but Renan reminds her that the only new thing is all the talk about her and her transformation. She lets it be known, what she does or whatever is going on in her life is her business, point blank.

Later that week, Angiee and Renan are talking about devising a plan to get Rana & Vincent together to clear the air of their childish situation.

The next night, after some minor goofs Danae, Rana, Renan & Angiee are on their way to hang out with Vincent...Rana doesn't want to go but still tags along. Danae talks of going to "Sue's", a strip club in Westchester. The others bother her about it, but Danae reveals a secret...that shes a videographer for certain celebrities now. So especially on celeb nights at clubs, that's a reason why Danae is out there working.

They all finally get to Vincent's and he takes awhile to come out. When he does come out, he never even knew that Rana was going to be tagging along, so he runs off surprised. He comes back around and Rana is minding her business not even paying any attention to Vincent at all, not even a "Hello". Angiee, Renan & Danae confront him and talk to him about not hanging out with them lately but Vincents quiet. He often glances at Rana who is paying him no mind. Danae goes over to talk with Rana whose lost in thoughts. Renan and Angiee confirm that they see shes over him and this will hopefully help both of them mature in the future. Yet, seeing this awkward situation, everybody hangs around for a little while longer..and Rana just moves herself further down the block giving Vincent one last glance walking away. Vincent looks back but doesn't say a thing.

Songs From The Show :
Annani D - Assor Jam
Coldplay - Lost!
Lesly Roy - Come To Your Senses
Drake - Find Your Love
Rihanna - The Last Song (Instrumental)
Greg Laswell - Goodbye

NOTE: Was re-edited for YouTube
This is the end of the Rana & Vincents relationship.
This is Vincents final episode, after he left the series.


Juan Pablo said...

Hi, you guys, congratulations for the show. I follow it since last year. I wanna ask u, what happend with episode 402, this afternoon I saw that you uploaded, now i can't find it.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Charles said...

Hey Juan, thanks for watching, YouTube has been giving us alot of trouble with uploading new episodes becuase of the music we use...So we moved the new episodes to DailyMotion, and new, LONGER episodes will air there. Heres a link

Juan Pablo said...

Cool, thanks so much.