Tuesday, May 25, 2010

401 - I Gotta Do Me

Premiered May 24th 2010.

Alot can change in a couple of months. Kali and Phylicia worked out their issues with Ivy from when you last saw them feuding. Sandy's been busy working on school so she left the series, and the cast is hanging out with new friends like Renan and Angiee. Now,Danae has always been a social butterfly but lately something about her has changed. And Rana tried over and over with Vincent then things went from bad to worse and finally, they broke up.

Blessing and Ivy are in Mcdonalds, Blessing informs Ivy that Vincent and Rana broke up...and that its been 3 months now. Ivy doesn't seem to be too surprised regardless of not knowing. Blessing tells her not to mention Vincent around Rana because shes still touchy on the subject.

Over at Angiee's house her and Renan are talking about hanging out with their new group of friends. Renan mentions that Ivy's birthday is Saturday and their all going out to dinner and after to Kali's house to hangout. Angiee tell him she might not make it then Renan mentions hes anxious to know about the breakup between her and Vincent and wants to question her. Angiee adds in that shes known Vincent for awhile and hes not an angel but they'll just have to see and hope for no drama between them all.

At school, Phylicia stops Rana to tell her about who she saw last night. It was Danae, whos been M.I.A. lately and very much to herself, she saw her walking to a club with a new hairdo and a new attitude. She tells Rana that they need to sit her down and have a talk, that shes growing up too much lately.

The next week, at McDonalds Kevin, Phylicia & Danae's friend has a chat with Danae. He tells her that shes been "doing her" a little too much lately..shes been busy editing and working with celebrities shes lost contact with herself and her real friends. Danae's new found attitude kicks in and she insists "business is business", and shes too busy to sit down and talk about what Phylicia said and what people are thinking because if they're against who she is now then they're not her friends. She then storms off, glancing back somewhat uncertain.

That same night over at Kali's house, the celebration for Ivy's birthday is continuing. While Rana has a moment, Renan pulls her aside and asks her about the breakup. Rana tells him in a nutshell, she just got tired of it all, him lying and cheating and doing so many mischievous things. Renan agreed and told her that him and Angiee have been running into him alot lately and that hes been friendly. Rana warns him to not hang out with Vincent because hes being phony. Kali comes over and tells them they're being too secretive and need to come back to the party. As the party continues Rana is seen looking as if shes in deep thought, while everyone is enjoying themselves Rana doesn't seem to be having a good time after that conversation. Her uncomfortableness could be many things, only time will tell.

Songs From The Show:
Uffie feat. Pharrell - ADD, SUV
B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams (of Paramore) - Airplanes
Asher Roth feat. Keri Hilson - She Dont Want A Man
Erik Hassle - Bump In The Road
Tyler Kyte - Happiness

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