Saturday, July 10, 2010

403 - Its A Yes Or No

Premiered - Jul. 12th 2010.

While walking to Blessings house, Rana and Blessing catch up. They talk about how schools officially over. Blessing asks Rana about Dontreis (who was previously seen in Episode 303) and their status, since shes a single girl now. Rana knows Dontreis really has feelings for her but Rana hasnt pursued anything as of yet. They rant about boys and life, but Blessing stops to ask Rana if shes certain that she doesn't have feelings for Dontreis. Rana gives her a blank stare, but Blessing knows there's something there.

The next week everybody's hanging out on a summer night. Rana, Dontreis, Renan, Angiee, Ivy, Phylicia, and even Danae. When Ivy arrives is when things heat up between Dontreis and Rana who both continuously flirt. Ivy says that she has to go home soon but stops to ask Renan & Angiee whatever happened to Vincent. Angiee says its a long story and Dontreis hears Vincents name leading him to go off. Dontreis goes on about his dislike towards Vincent, and Angiee agrees on his views of Vincents jealousy. Despite what she shows Rana cuddles up with Dontreis and talks about their little kindling on the grass looking at the stars, Dontreis said he felt a connection. Rana jokes that she didn't feel anything at all. Renan says that he sees whats going on between the two. Rana and Dontreis bond the rest of the night while everybody else looks on.

Songs From The Show :
FeFe Dobson - I Want You
Carolina Liar - Better Alone
Nicki Minaj - Your Love
Alicia Keys - Un-Thinkable feat. Drake

NOTE: Dontreis now has a lead role, replacing Vincent, who left the series after 402.

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