Thursday, January 13, 2011

502 - When You Least Expect It

Premiered - Jan. 13th 2011.

Right after the blow out with Danae, Renan and Angiee walk back to their car. Angiee tells him that she wasnt going to make herself look stupid and fight her on camera. Renan is just glad that she walked away before things got worse.

At Danaes house, she updates her friend Kaila on the situation with Angiee & Renan. She simply feels like there's no respect coming from either of them. She goes on about how its weird that Kaila has known her for a shorter amount of time and respects her wishes to be called by Danae. Kaila says to let them live in the past and move forward.

Jenny isn't so happy with the way everybody reacted to her being pregnant and reminds them she can switch back to the old reckless Jenny, if they want. She goes on about how she runs stuff in the house. Blessing makes a guest appearance to give her opinion on Jenny, then jenny fills us in on how it would be being a mother, and how she will succeed.

Then it switches over to Aaron talking about his ex "fling" Karisma (one of Jennys old friends) and then flashes back to a month ago when her & Aaron were having one of their arguments over another girl texting him (despite them not being "together").

Renans busy on the computer when he realizes Danae is still running her mouth (on Facebook) and he tells Angiee. They go over again how idiotic it is to be arguing over this and holding grudges. Angiee and Renan then jokingly come to terms about calling her Danae now.

Another flashback to when Aaron broke things off for good with Karisma. She felt she overreacted but was sorry. Aaron was just ready to move on from her and the drama.

Songs From The Show :
Great Northern - Warning
Rihanna - Fading
Tatiana Owens - Pendulum
VV Brown - Shark In The Water
Brian Buckley Band - Bye Blue Sky

This is the only appearance of Aaron's ex Karisma.
This is Angiee's final appearance on the series after leaving, due to creative differences.
This is the second episode to not feature Rana at all.

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