Thursday, January 6, 2011

501 - Thats Not My Name

Premiered - Jan. 6th 2011.

Last year was a turning point for the cast. Rana & Vincent ended their 3 year relationship, and she ended her friendship with Dontreis. Now Rana's beginning college and wont be around as much as she used to. Since Angiee is no longer moving shes been focusing on her music & make-up career. Renan has been working on his portfolio & modeling. Aaron is back in town and so is Jenny, but shes carrying a little extra baggage than before. Everything's been mellow but little does everybody know..their friendship with Danae is about to change.

Danae meets up with Aaron for the first time since hes been back in town and she updates him. Then she mentions how shes going to hang out with Renan and Angiee and catch up because last shes heard Angiee is no longer moving. She then insists that Aaron stick around this time around.

Over at Jenny's place, we see that shes now 7 months pregnant. She gives us an update on her life and how shes adapting to being pregnant and soon, a mother. She then wonders what everyone thinks about her being pregnant. And everyone gives their opinion.

When Danae meets up with Angiee & Renan to catch up she brings a friend Lacey. Angiee starts off by letitng Danae know that she was late, and Renan agrees that thats the nonchalant 'Britney' they know. Lacey asks whos Britney because Lacey knows of Danae as Danae. Danae then pulls Renan & Angiee aside to give them another lecture on calling her Danae. Angiee & Renan think its stupid that she just doesnt go by her birth name, which is in fact Britney. (For years Danae has been called Britney, its her legal name, in recent years she goes by Danae, and everybody isnt used to it still) Danae then goes back and forth with the two about her being called by what she chooses. Then as the argument escalates Danae tried jumping at Angiee but is pulled away in the heat of it all.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Songs From The Show :
Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life
Dan Black - Symphonies
Britney Spears - Someday
Kanye West - All Of The Lights
Lil Wayne & Eminem - Drop The World (instrumental)

NOTE: This is the first episode to be broadcast in HD.
This is the first episode to not feature Rana.
Some music tracks were sped up to avoid copyright block on YouTube.

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