Monday, September 29, 2008

202 - One Big Mistake

Premiered - Oct. 18th, 2008.

While at lunch Sandy, and her friend Franny aka Danaes old EXfriend, talk about sports, then how her & Danae had a falling out before school started. And its funny how they're talking about her, and shes just a table away, she obviously wanted her to hear her loud & clear.

Then Vincent is confronted by Ania & Danae, about ANOTHER interaction between him and another girl (who isnt Rana), at the new school. The conversation drags on about whats the right & wrong things to do with a girl who isn't "your girl", leaving Vincent innocent until proven guilty.

The next day at gym class, Sandy and her friend Tay are having a regular conversation until she mentions that she hears that Franny, Danaes ex best friend, is just warming up to her for jealousy purposes and that her friendship is "one big problem".

Then later that at lunch Franny walks by and Danae gives a questionable look, Vincent gets an apology from Ania about him cheating and being seen with other girls, hes been weary knowing hes got Anias eye constantly on him now, so will all his actions be true?. Aaron then walks over to ask for something.

Switches over to Blessing, Abigail, and Rana eating at Wild Wings, then on the way home they run into Ivy, and Phylicia who is the only one obviously stating the feeling of distance from Kenny. Danae catches up with him to find out hes moving, and soon. Danae wants to know why she didnt know, Kenny admits that she acts like she doesnt know him, she ignores the insult and changes the subject, knowing its sometimes true.

*There is no part 2 to this video.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

201 - Everythings Changed.

Premiered - Oct. 10th, 2008.

As Vincent comes back home, hes still pushed away by Rana, whom should be nothing but happy due to the fact that hes home. As time dwindles Vincent has to go home, Rana however doesn't want him to leave after implying that he should. Ivy looks on with confusion and chimes in as they continue to bother each other.

A couple of days later after orientation at school, Ivy sits and talks with Blessing. The two agree that they're over the drama, and want peace this year, since Blessings argument with Rana hasn't been settled. Rana arrives to the table and Blessing seems to be unkind as Rana sits in silence Blessing gives a devilish laugh.

At school Danae and Ania run into Vincent who seems to be quiet around Gloria a friend. Danae asks hows everything he says things are perfect but Danae knows theres trouble in paradise.

After school Ivy and Rana talk about the situation with Blessing, Rana says everythings ok now but, shes not sure that things will be the same again. Phylicia chimes in being nosy and Aaron sits in silence clueless to all the drama.

Back at school, the next day, Ania tells Danae that Gloria, a friend, was approached by Vincent and complimented on her appearances and more. Danae knows the type of person Vincent is and promises that he will get the "business" if hes playing Rana (again).

The next day, after school, Danae meets up with Blessing, Aaron, and Rana. She asks Rana if shes keeping an eye on Vincent. Blessing chimes in about Vincent, Rana mentions that if he is playing her that shell go up to the school and handle it herself. Then Danae reveals the budding relationship between Aaron and Sandy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Season 2 Cast Bios.

The Suburbs is unlike any other show on the net. After a popular first run, the series is back. In season two, some of the same cast members return as we also introduce a few newcomers. The cast grapples with back-stabbing boyfriend treachery, former friends turned foes, prying parents and more as they face the biggest challenge of all-the looming specter of adulthood.

Rana - Since Vincent left for Jamaica, and her argument with a fed up Blessing, Rana had an ok summer. Now schools back in session and shes stuck with mixed feelings about her relationship & friendships. She hasn't patched things up with Blessing yet. Will things be the same with her long time boyfriend & best friend?

Blessing - Since the summer started Blessing has been working and focusing on herself. After dealing with a weight issue shes said to be better now. Shes "over the he said she said drama" also, and just wants peace this year, will it happen?

Vincent - After returning home from Jamaica, hes been feeling the distance between Rana and himself even stronger. He no longer attends school with Rana so that makes everything even harder including staying faithful, with a new school and so many new "opportunities", will it last?

Danae - Since the summers ended Danae's been trying to balance work and home life. Only 16 and so much on her shoulders from going to a new school,fending for herself, keeping an eye on Vincent for Rana, and relationship problems. Can she deal with the pressure?

Aaron - Since summer ended he finally broke it off with on and off girlfriend Jenny. Now attending a new school with Danae & Vincent, seen as a player often but trying to shed that image he cant seem to shake & its no help to have your ex in the same school as you. Can he become a new person and ditch the past or will it yield his future relationships & more?

Ivy - Since summer ended Ivy's been living a drama free life, Ivy wants everybody to get along but shes not helping by causing some of the drama, and what will she do when Phylicia's boyfriend comes between her and her family?

Phylicia - Since summers ended Phylicia's been living a drama free life, but her new boyfriend is seeming to be somewhat her life, is he coming between her & her family life? And what will happen when shes getting feelings for an old crush?

Abigail - A common friend with words of wisdom, only in for season 2, has a busy schedule since shes only a few months away from college.

Kenny - Starred in only 3 episodes this season, moved upstate, his last day was documented, no longer a regular.

Ania - New to cast, A new common friend, and classmate at the new school. Usually seen with Danae.

Sandy - New to cast, common friend & classmate.

Kori - Phylicia's best friend, mid- season replacement since Kenny left.

Tay - New to cast, Danae's friend, mid- season replacement since Kenny left, only in for season 2, soon to leave for college and onto the next chapter of her life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Season 2!

Were back for another season. Join Rana, Blessing, Vincent, Danae, Ivy, Phylicia, Aaron, and a couple of new faces. From breakups to makeups, preparing for college, new friends, new schools, and good ole drama, Season 2 promises good times. The new season starts Friday, October 10th.

The Journal News

The Suburbs cast recently got interviewed by 'Stacey Anderson' from The Jounral News. With the newfound popularity 'The Suburbs' is finally getting noticed. Stacey talked about the series & how we got started and where were at right now. The Article will be posted here Saturday. Above is a photo from the interview. Season 2 begins October 10th MARK CALENDARS!

EDIT: Heres a link to the article on the show!