Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Season 7 Is A GO!

The Suburbs has been going strong since 2008! Season 6 was a blast & the cast has had time to reflect since the EXPLOSIVE finale (see below)

  Now its time for NEW, new year, new drama, new ventures, new season!
                                                       The Suburbs: NY (season 7)
This year we're tackling new issues, we're steering away from the drama-only format and giving the fans more of a REALITY series. From business ventures, to 3 years old birthdays, to the weekends crazy parties & meltdowns, get ready for an all new season of surprises! Feuds will either continue or flourish, Careers will bloom, new loves will surface, and people will come and go, just another day in the burbs. When half of the cast isn't busy in the concrete jungle (NYC), they're heading back home to dish on the latest, head out to lunch, rooftop get togethers & turn things up.

Returning cast this season
Renan (season 4-present)
Natasha (Season 6-present)
Kali (Season 3-4, 6-present)
Tatiana (Season 6-present)
Jenny (Season 1-3,5, present)
Melissa (Season 6-present)
Danae (Season 1-5, present)
Aaron (Season 1-3,5, present)
Rana (season 1-present)
Miguel (season 6-present)
Selina & Alysha (season 6-present)

Spread the word, tell a friend that the suburbs IS the internets longest running reality docu-drama webseries, and we're not going anywhere but up from here!

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