Thursday, February 17, 2011

505 - The End Of The Beginning (series finale)

Premiered - May. 30th 2011.

After hours of labor, Jenny gave birth to a baby boy, Robert Jr. Shes handling business on the phone while her boyfriend, Rob, comes in and shows how bored he is after being in the hospital all day & night. She moves over to realize little Robert Jr. is smiling at her then shares a kiss with Robert, the two realize they have a new responsibility in life, a baby boy.

Renan and his friend Andrew meet up with Rana and her friend Rebeca to update each other. Renan announces hes gotten into FIT, his dream school. And everybody is surprised and excited for him. Not knowingly killing the mood, Rebeca asks Rana about Vincent. Rana tells them all that her and Vincent are done, shes tried to make it work, shes tried being his friend but after everything that's been done shes moving on. Then Rana asks Renan about Angiee, he mentions they're cordial now and have somewhat of a friendship since their falling out. Rebeca adds on that shes glad the drama is over, and theres plenty of new things to worry about

Aaron is moving back upstate, and since Karisma and other girls, hes deciding to stay single. He'll be attending college in the fall. Danae has now moved out on her own and has roommates too. Shes still in college and independently works as a photographer and more. Renan and Rana are going to be in the same college come fall, and hes moving forward with his life. Jenny rekindled her friendship with her ex Joey, since him and her current boyfriend are best friends (surprisingly). Now shes a proud parent, ready for the next chapter in her life. And through it all this carousel called 'The Suburbs' has gained back control. Its not the end, just the end of the beginning.

Songs From The Show :
Leona Lewis - I Got You
The Fray - Look After You
Grace Doty - Carousel (Paper Route cover)

This is the final episode of 'The Suburbs'
Danae & Aaron are absent from this episode.

This WAS the series finale, now turned Season finale
This is the first time you see Jenny's boyfriend/babys father.

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Anonymous said...

jenny boyfriend is a CLOWN..wish them & the child the best