Sunday, December 14, 2008

209 - Birthday Confusion

Premiered - Dec. 19th, 2008.

At school Sandy and Vincent talk about what they're going to do for Christmas break, Sandy mentions that shes not into Christmas that much while Vincent tells her that hes going to shower Rana in gifts and more. Sandy jokes if the gifts are going to be real this time.

At the pizza place Phylicia and Rana go to sit and have a chat along with Aaron. The two talk about their birthdays which are coming up, and what they're planning on doing. Phylicia wants to go to a popular place in the city while Rana wants something bigger and better but her parents just wont come through as usual. Rana's sick of the usual "red lobster" family dinners, and Phylicia tells her that shes only turns 16 once.

The next day over at Golden Krust, Blessing, Rana, and Kori have a meal, while they talk about where Phylicia's been. Kori says shes gotten into some trouble so she isn't hanging out as much as she used to. Then Rana tells them about her party that shes planning to have on Friday, Kori tells Rana that that's the same day Phylicia's having hers. Blessing laughs with shock, and Rana is speechless, and Kori just advises Rana to move her date since Friday is Phylicia's actual birthday, and they're left to question what will happen.

The next week at school Sandy and Aaron seem to be getting along now that Aaron's not as flirtatious & things seem cool with everyone. Then Danae talks to a distracted Vincent about how she wasn't invited to Phylicia's outing which Rana decided to tag along with (hence canceling her own party on that date). Then she goes onto asking what hes getting her for Christmas, saying that she wants a lover for Christmas, and nothing else. Vincent thought she was taken already but that's obviously false.

After school, Rana tells Ivy about her changing her party date due to Phylicia's party. Ivy tells her that she could have still held her party since Phylicia's didnt last that long. Rana agreed but figured it was only right to do it, then says that shes gonna have hers in maybe January. Outside on the walk home, Phylicia apologizes to Rana, shes sorry about the whole party thing and its nothing to Rana who's fine with it now. The birthday confusion is over.

*A video was devoted to the 2nd part of & outtakes from this webisode.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

208 - Confrontations

Premiered - Dec. 6th, 2008.

Before their next class, Tay asks Danae whats been going on, shes hearing rumors about her and Ania actually fighting after school. Danae laughs at the false rumor while Sandy asks why she didn't know anything about it. Danae said nobody's fighting but Vincent seems to think otherwise adding in that these girls are always fighting.

Blessing and her friend Nehemiah talk about how Blessing just heard from Ivy that Rana thinks shes changed. Rana comes over and Blessing springs the question on her, an startled Rana handles the blunt question good. She tells Blessing that shes still cool but there's days where she can be different. Blessing agrees and likes Rana's honesty, as Ivy looks on.

After running into a couple of friends (including Aaron), Sandy runs into Vincent on her way to piano lessons. Vincent asks how are things with Ania and Britney (Danae). She says its horrible, Vincent thinks its ridiculous that they're acting so childish. Sandy agrees and plans to stay out of that drama. While she leaves she mentions that Rana's earrings are fakes (again), Vincent admits that he got them from "Claire's" in the "Westchester Mall". Sandy knows that everything in Claire's is fake, but Vincent is assured that those earrings are real, and he makes enough money to not buy fake things.

The next week Sandy stops in for a quick chat with Ania, who's in a serious mood, shes about to go have a long talk with Danae. Sandy listens as Ania tells her that she just wants to resolve things and end the conflict. Then Sandy gets to the library before Ania, so she can have a chat with Danae but shes only ready to talk to Ania and get things off her chest. Ania enters and Sandy goes to sit on the sidelines to listen in on the long awaited confrontation. Ania and Danae's conversation go on about how they both in all honesty never meant each other wrong by doing the things they've done and or said. They both agree to become friends again and plan to go to each other if anything needs to be resolved other than working through the middle man.

*A video was devoted to the 2nd part of & outtakes from this webisode.